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Sudanaization: The Sole Remaining Solution For The Two Sudans

Having undergone half a century of strife and political crises that emasculate development programs and progress of the nation, the Su-dan—now both Sudans—have since June 2011 become two sovereign states through popular referendum. In the wake of such dichotomy, however, both Sudan and South Sudan have on account of concocted multiple differences been engaged in tensions, which have already instigated military conflicts. Facts of the past two decades in the Horn of Africa ascertain that the crisis and conflicts thrust upon the region through external meddling have continued to remain unresolved. Processes, instead of leading to the real solution, have been shackled only to assume the cycle of PR exercise and diplomatic dealings. Above all, the task of dispatching peacekeeping mission has been categorically lobbied for. The peace¬keeping force that entered some 64 years ago into Asia in 1948 and the latest one which has been deployed in Syria before few weeks stand living witnesses that the primary mandate of such disruptive mission is but destabilization and fomenting conflicts, growing into trade activities, imbuing vicious improprieties, serving as a tool of intelligence and turning into an instrument of subversive acts of con¬spiracy, as well as operating under the tutelage of neo-colonization. At simplest, a nation that welcomes white armored vehicles invari¬ably proves the epicenter of discord.

Regional organizations are not only muddling through crises, but also are serving in a new guise as stepping stones for hidden agen¬das in lieu of meeting the principles which they were founded upon. Indeed, saboteurs are behind the scenes maneuvering the aforemen¬tioned crises and conflicts in the Horn region. Under such state of af¬fairs, therefore, the two brotherly peoples of Sudans, without beating around the bush and getting rid of the companies that foster micro¬management of crises, need to fathom their gleaned experiences and the cumulative experience around the globe, while at the same time laying the groundwork for their respective sovereign issues through a lasting Sudanese-Sudanese solution free from internationalization of conflicts

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