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“I was very much inspired from what my father was doing”

Her name is Lemlem Isaias. She was one of students who graduated in drafting from Sawa Vocational School. Lemelem is also involved in innovation and modification activities of variety of items. She has conducted a brief interview with Haddas Eritra newspaper. Excerpts of the interview follow.

What could you tell us about your educational background?

I was born and grew up in Ethiopia and I learned there up to grade seven. After I came to Eritrea I learned grade eight at Adi Guadad School. I was enrolled at Kieh Bahri High school and I stayed there until I finish grade 11. Then as all Eritrean students I went to Sawa for my grade 12 education. After completion grade 12 I joined the Sawa Vocational School and I took drafting as my major subject.

How do you remember your school years?

It was good. I most enjoyed from grade six on wards. I was very good student at grade six. I was also competitive in my junior high school education.  To tell you frankly, I was not good at grade 10 and that had its own reason.

What was the reason?

My aunt, who was living with us died and I took the responsibility of the whole family to look after. And that had a big influence on my education.

Then how did you finish your education, especially that of matriculation?

That time I was sick. But thanks to my platoon leader Kidane, I managed to attend the matriculation exam. He was always on my side providing me every thing I need. I was confident to get passing marks but unfortunately I could not. I got marks that could take me to certificate programs.

Why did you choose drafting?

I chose a discipline that was non-existent in my family. I could have selected electrify. But there are members of my family in that profession.

When were you acquainted with innovation and modification?

I was acquainted with innovation and modification when I was at grade eight. Since then I modified different items including unique kind of bicycle break, a tool that give the signal during replacing football players, a watch that gives signal with Tigrigna language, etc.

How were you involved in such activities?

My father is a technician. I used to go with him to every place he went to work. He was also working at home. And I used to long that I work with him in every thing he was involved in. And I think observing what my father was doing inspired me much.

What is your future plan?

I will participate at the Sawa Youth Festival with my innovation.

What would be that?

I will be participating with my new work, a modern cooking pan that I called “Kibra”. I did that modern cooking pan in commemoration of my aunt who was also a cook. She was a good cook and she taught me a lot. And I believe that cooking pan will serve her profession and I named it after her.

Other future plan/

I would continue the profession I am developing and I am learning cloth design.

Good luck!

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