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“Human Rights”: Theme of the Rogues

U.S. Department of State, whose annual edition only updates date of issue without changing the previous tune, has of late disseminated allegations against Eritrea. Vested with parochial interests, the nominally bipartisan and yet unitary small interest group, which is formed and deformed according to earnings, has accused the People’s Front for Democracy and Justice—PFDJ—of its one-party system. In essence, such charges emanate from a popular consciousness deficient in telling apart between the swindled 26 percent ballot-based Front and the Eritrean People’s Front that came into existence with huge sacrifice.

The Administration in Washington—which is the number one architect of the abyss in Guantanamo Bay on a planetary scale, 37 million of whose citizens are locked up behind bars, as well as whose black community in prison outnumber those in schools, has charged the State of Eritrea with mass incarceration. This same Washington-based clique—where the one percent lives off the ridiculed 99 percent plight of its own people as well as 47 percent of the entire population relies on food stamps —has shed its crocodile tears on Eritrea for ‘hunger’ and in behalf of ‘those set to compulsory underpaid work’. Yet, the said recalcitrant Administration, which has already incited throughout the world polarization along religious and tribal lines in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Gaza, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Nigeria and so on, has defamed Eritrea on the right to worship. Pentagon, in which women that make up 46 percent of the personnel under the U.S. Department of Defense are suffering from sexual assaults and post-traumatic stress disorder—PTSD—has accused Eritrea of being remiss in its duty towards gender equality; a dumbfounding statement of the rogue!

It is not only on record, but also is well documented in the brutal hearts of the aforementioned interest groups to have the first President of the United States, George Washington, declared in the written will of his final hours that it deems imperative for the United States to set up a unitary system so as to establish a nation of the people. Indeed, human rights remains the worst form of mockery on human rights by the imperious hegemonists. With the turn of the century, it now appears in vogue that the system and Administrations in Washington are applying the unmerited human rights pretext as a blackmail. In a word, the values of human rights is not a matter of discussion to take liberties with, but rather, it is a culture cherished in the course of human civilization and political systems. U.S. politicians and institutions thus need to be viewed from such perspective.

The history of the United States amounts to the plight of the human race. Despite the aspirations and mindset of the first emigrants of the United States may well require in-depth research, what is irrefutably evident is that the mass departure was not intended for virtuous goals. It is a matter of historical record that the earliest settlers of the United States had wiped out the country’s ancestors, which they later referred them to as ‘Red Indians’, and had thrown the remaining ones to the dungeons merely for parochial interests. Such vicious acts, as per the standards of the 21st century, are tantamount to crimes against humanity or ethnic cleansing.

The first settlers of the United States had continued up to mid of 20th century to sail from Africa tens of millions of slaves, who would have worked in the vast plantations dehumanized under harsh treatment, with a view to simply accruing wealth. Needless to say, George Washington had 17 slaves. History remains grateful for him to have allowed nothing but medical treatment for those slaves. It is well on record that women in the country were deprived until the first half of the 20th century of fundamental human rights. Countless proofs of evidence today stand witness that the system and Administrations of the United States have since the 20th century been nurturing despotic regimes, as well as treaded heavily on a number of nations solely for geo-political purposes that serve their hegemonist interests.

Political and economic monopoly of the superpower United States was indubitably achieved through vicious subversions around the world. Sadly, too, the country’s political culture and political outlook is premised on the history of hegemony and the resources of others. Postulations such as, “Past is past. Every event has its own objective justifications. Let us speak not of the bygone age but talk about the present.” Have thus far been and shall invariably remain unchanged. A plethora of examples can be cited on the issue so far discussed. The long-standing political culture, however, seems firmly fixated. The realities we now witness and the deafening castles in the air by the United States is but a futile smoke screen in an attempt to ensuring economic monopoly and political hegemony geared towards vertically polarizing nations and states and subduing them.

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