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The Way towards Success and Dignity is the Course along which Eritrea Traversed early on

Eritrea’s history and the history of other nations stand witness that societies can in this viciously spiraling world ensure their security and prosperity only through internal capacity. Whereas the world is invariably a stage of competition, any SLOTHFUL OR INCOMPETENT party that happens to lag behind is, bereft of commiseration, uncompromisingly RELEGATED. Thus, nations ought to be well-equipped with superior skills and capacity in order for them to forge ahead independently and sovereignly. The capabilities of a society can be defined in terms of three fundamental premises: consciousness, organization and arms. Political consciousness is the key to psychological fitness and willpower. Political and psychological consciousness of any given nation would rise above all acts of hostility and conspiracy only if it duly fathoms its past history and reminisces the experience of the bygone age, is well aware of current challenges within internal, regional and international contexts, leads the way towards clear-cut objectives it envisions, as well as only if it is endowed with noble culture and values for collective thinking. No force whatsoever can hamper or derail the march of such accomplished nation. However, the reverse is the outcome without the aforementioned factor. Consciousness is, therefore, the primary defining characteristic of any society’s capacity.

The second defining factor for such peculiar capacity is but organization. However significant political consciousness might be, it remains deficient in momentum and effectiveness devoid of organization. Organization is a vital factor that transforms consciousness into a united and effective enterprise. There is no a single historical account that transcends Eritrea’s struggle for liberation to bear out the synergic effect of organization. Needless to say, no political organization, other than the EPLF, has managed to morph the ripple effect of a few people into an assertively invincible force that overwhelmed the superpowers. And hence, an indispensable asset that empowered the Eritrean people to surmount against all odds and ensure its existence through a glorious history is but its strong national unity and organized participation in national issues. This essential factor enabled the Eritrean people become accomplished as a political force and nation.

Weaponry is the third defining quality of a society. Survival and existence of a society blessed with political consciousness and organizational capacity is virtually at stake if it falls short of ordnance. This is so because survival and existence cannot be guaranteed merely through political consciousness. Consciousness and cognizance of respective interests would by no means suffice in the current monopolistic and hegemonist world order. In the absence of international legal instruments that guarantee interests and rights, nations need to be armed with competitive, grade A ordnance so as to maintain their interests and due rights.

Indeed, the Eritrean people realized the said realities early on. The Eritrean people launched its armed struggle with a view to ensuring its rights on account of the cognizance mentioned above. The slogan that the EPLF used right from the beginning, “Politicize, Organize and Arm the Masses,” is one of the basic foundations of the victory achieved by the people of Eritrea, thereby performing historic miracles with limited resources. This glorious history shall remain irreversible under any circumstances. Any given society endowed with competitive capacity, therefore, requires political consciousness that orients its interests and ensures its existence and progress, robust organization which enables to make the headway in the direction of the set goal, as well as arms that safeguard interests and rights. This is the sole due process towards successful march.

Existence and interests that count upon submission and amenability, or, which take refuge under the promises of some lords are tantamount to simplistic propensities. Derailed from the real route, these tendencies might give way to naive tractability. Such futile attempts, however, emanate from lack of multidimensional outlook. The objective reality is both timeless and ageless. The path to success has no derailments whatsoever. The only path to success and dignity is but the accomplished one, which caused the Eritrean people to pay dear sacrifice and eventually let the nation earn noble dignity. “Politicize, Organize and Arm the Masses!”, in order for the security, dignity and interests of the people to take shelter under the strong-willed shield.

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