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Martyrs Day commemorated with patriotic zeal in Anseba region

Martyrs Day was commemorated at regional level with patriotic zeal in Keren.

Keren, 21 June 2012 – Martyrs Day was commemorated at regional level with patriotic zeal in Keren.

Reports indicated that the inhabitants of Keren city carried out popular undertaking across the streets and at the Patriots Cemetery there in connection with the Day. Moreover, financial assistance amounting to 750,000 Nakfa was extended to families of martyrs. Prayer services were also conducted at St. Mary Church and the city’s main mosque, in addition to popular candle light parades.

During a meeting held through the collaboration of the NUEYS branch office and the city Administration, a number of poems and dramas were presented depicting the valor of the fallen heroes.

Moreover, monetary support was made on the part of the regional Administration to 57 children of fallen heroes, and that musical drama, as well as different poems and songs featured in the candle light evening parade. Besides, popular trek was conducted from Keren city to the historic cemetery of those nationals who were massacred by the Derg regime at Ona village.

Mr. Jemal Nasser, Secretary of the PFDJ regional branch office, said that the Eritrean people hold firm pledge to honor the trust of martyrs through working to ensure social justice and development in the country as regards day-to-day living of citizens.

Mr. Tekie Keleta, Mayor of Keren city, and Mr. Ande Adhanom, coordinator of the event, called on the residents to enhance participation in the national development drive.

Wreath was also laid at the Patriots Cemetery by the regional Administration, PFDJ branch office, Municipal administration of Keren and the NUEW regional branch office.

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