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Southern Red Sea region: 62 nationals obtain training as regards prudent use of marine resources

Assab, 29 June 2012 – 62 nationals who were rehabilitated after last year’s incidents of volcanic eruption in the Administrative areas of Afambo and Beilul obtained training as regards prudent use of marine resources. The training was conducted in Mekaekae, Assab area. Mr. Tewolde Woldemichael, director general of marine development department, indicated that the training was organized in collaboration with the regional Administration with a view to creating an opportunity for the citizens to support themselves, and that the Ministry has made ready well-equipped fishing boats for those residents of the region being rehabilitated.

Mr. Gebresilasie Aradom, head of economic development in the region, called on the beneficiaries of the training to further enrich their capacity through work.

One of the trainees, Mr. Hamd Habib, expressed satisfaction with the training course and said that they would work hard to improve their livelihood and back up national endeavors to boost fish supply.

The course involved methods of fishing, marine laws, preservation and processing of fish, as well as preventive maintenance of the motor of boats.

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