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The Second and Unity Congress and its outcome

We have tried to see that after the First Congress the EPLF has been engaged for ten years in continuous struggle with the enemy. That had been an obstacle for it to conduct the Second Congress on the schedule time. It got the chance to conduct preparations for the congress in 1986 for it was free from the pressure it had. Before the congress begins the coordinating committee of the Second Congress drafted the constitution and the National Democratic Program and was forwarded to the combatants and popular associations for discussion. Report of the past ten years was also presented for discussion and evaluation. Upon finalization of the coordination the Second and Unity Congress of the EPLF and the ELF central leadership was conducted from 12-19/3/1987. At the congress 1237 representative attended. The congress conducted an extensive discussion on report of ten years activities and ratified the constitution and National Democratic Program. In the Congress 71 permanent and alternative Central Committee members were elected. It also confirmed the unity of the two organizations.

In the congress a number of resolutions and recommendations were adopted.  One of the important issues was the national unity. The congress ensured that it is struggling for the development of the Eritrean people. It also proposed the establishment of an inclusive front that represents all national forces, groups and individuals.

After conducting the congress a number of meetings were conducted in the liberated areas and abroad with different Eritrean organizations. The message from the EPLF was: calling all organizations to join hands with EPLF, the organization that is paying heavy sacrifices for the Eritrean people, safeguarding in unison the people and the revolution, joint struggle helps the coming together and strengthens national unity. But they were not ready to accept the proposal. And the different meeting and consultations didn’t bear fruit. It could not progress due to different excuses coming from the part of the organizations. They didn’t stop from standing against the EPLF. They became obstacles of the revolution through establishing sham organizations and alliances. The EPLF, however, didn’t spare any time from calling for unity.

The multi-faceted activities of the EPLF got momentum after the Second and Unity Congress. In 1987 alone 168 combats were conducted between the EPLF and the enemy. Many of them were conducted behind enemy lines. The enemy forces that were stationed at the Nakfa front were hit hard and made to pull back tens of kilometers. The enemy lost 14 thousand of its men.

In 1987 the founding congress of the National Union of Eritrean Youths was conducted. And from January to March of 1988 the Third Congress of the National Union of Eritrean Women, National Union of Eritrean Workers and National Union of Eritrean Farmers was conducted.

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