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Citizens’ Right to Education

Access to equitable and efficient social services for every citizen tops the list of fundamental human rights. Where the need arises to objectively assess the status of human rights in any given nation, it ought to be weighed against access to education amongst other social services. And hence, let’s have a look at the current status of education in the United States.

Education in the US

Since assessment on the United States merely amounts to the double standards, double duties, double rights, double election and double fate of the people, analysis concerning the objectivity of the data in the country, which has espoused an undeclared apartheid, is dictated thus. Whereas most of the schools in the United States do not permit the intake of black students, 90 percent of them join schools in which non white people of color would learn. Pursuant to the educational apartheid in the country, all-white parochial schools, according to the Civil Rights Act by the Supreme Court (1991), assume the right to prohibit black students’ transportation services with school buses.

Access to education in the United States is basically booked for the well-to-do. It has been and continues to remain beyond doubt that U.S. educational system is reserved for the white and affluent students, who can pay at prestigious colleges and universities an approximate of half a million dollars for a degree program. This accomplished fact as such is tantamount to gross breech of the fundamental human rights. Every Year, there are 1.2 million dropouts in the United States. With 6,000 drop out rate per diem, 44 percent of these dropouts remain unemployed, and thus, turn a hand in juvenile delinquency. It is for the same reason that drop outs constitute 65 percent of the population behind bars, of which 95 percent are yet from the black community.

In the 1930s, the num¬ber of public schools in the United States was estimated 248,000. Now, the number of public schools has drastically dwindled to 99,000. While the U.S. Administration earmarks $26,000 USD for every inmate, only $9,644 USD is allocated for every student by this same Administration. As the educational system in the United States has continuously been advancing in reverse since World War II, current educational status and quality of stu¬dents in the country is ranked 77th in the world. In the 1930s, however, the United States was 35 years ahead of all nations in both education and civilization. In a recent study conducted on students—including American students from thirty industrialized nations, the outcome placed those students from the U.S. 25th, merely managing to outrank four nations. Even on a global scale, a year 8 American student only qualifies for sixth grader in terms of global intelligence quotient and pedagogical analysis.

According to a research con¬ducted in 2012, 68 percent American students can-not read English fluently and apprehend the precise essence. Despite the fact that the country charges every student to the tune of $240,000 USD tuition for a degree program, the Administration in Washington allocated in 2011 4.7 percent —$739.3 billion USD of its GNP for military purposes. This spending amount to 45.7 percent of the military expenditure by the entire world combined. The revenue being collected from the general public, adult education as well as from the sweat of workers’ brows is geared in flagrant violation of human rights towards mass killings of women and children in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, Myanmar and so forth.

The cost of a single precision bomb is equal to the tuition fee a student pays to a four-year degree program. Black students, who graduate in great distinction from respective col¬leges or universities, are virtually doomed to racial segregation later in life. The salary of a Ph.D. holder white employee is 28.5 times greater than another black with the same qualification. Why? No definite answer whatsoever is desired. Unemployment upon completion of educational pursuit is an everyday phenomenon. In line with the aforementioned double standards, the white constitute only 16.2 percent of the latest total unemployment rate; the remaining more than 83 percent are people of color mostly the black and Asians. As a result, 90.6 percent of the indigence stricken Americans are people of color, and the remaining 9.4 percent are white.

An article analyzing the impact of poor education in the economics of the United States ascribes the country’s recent economic meltdown to the in-creasingly deteriorating educational system. In a different article entitled “The Biggest Issue”, David Brooks not only mentions the fact that amateur American youths have over¬whelmingly taken control of every employment opportunity, but he also underscores that the major problem is attributed to the Government’s mishandling, poor curriculum and incom¬petence of teachers, as well as the constant falling of American culture and values into decay, which has already given way to the corrosion of foster care and parental role. Another expert of educational systems wrote that it is now by no means demanding to signal the future of a five-year old American child. Stating the nature of present day parental role, he surmised that it is mere simplicity to anticipate education loving and industrious posterity as American parents are at home with indulging their children in excessive influences in a manner that disapproves the value of education.

Such is human rights, which deprives citizens’ equal opportunity to education and complicates the growth of national economy and civilization, as well as that which accuses other states of trumped-up charges on grounds of human rights. All allegations from enemy quarters with the said track record are but repudiated ethically, legally and logically. Forthcoming article shall cast light on the violation of American citizens’ rights vis-à-vis gender disparity and racial segregation.


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