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ACHS Holds Its 4th Commencement

“Our mission is to provide competent health sciences specialists, who are equipped with the foundation knowledge, professional skills, attitudes and ethical principles so that they can provide optimum healthcare to the people of Eritrea,” Mr.  Zerabruk Tesfamariam, Acting Dean of Asmara College of Health Sciences (ACHS). “They will make effective contribution as health team members to address and meet the health needs of the country.”  The Dean made such a remark in the opening of 4th commence of Asmara College of Health Sciences held on 30th June 2012. Eritrea’s mission has indeed been to educate as many healthcare professionals so as to by large address any sort of healthcare issues.

During the occasion, Mr. Zerabruk briefly explained the mission and vision of the institute; which is to strengthen local faculty capacity and to develop the healthcare in the country. The faculty is designed to train excellent health professionals with the main objective of providing good healthcare services to the people of Eritrea.

To achieve its mission Asmara Collage of Health Sciences has prepared a college fairly well equipped that could effectively handle current levels of enrolment. However, enrolment is expected to rise by about 10 % yearly. Parallel to the increase of enrolments, medical education programs are expected to be increased and upgraded and thereby improved quality services would be rendered to the point of meeting national needs .Therefore, to realize such a goal the college plans to actively collaborate with different universities abroad.

Since 1999 till 2011, that is prior to its integration with ACHS, the College of Health Science Technology graduated a total of 951 students; 18 of whom with master’s degree, 677 with diplomas and certificates.

The college includes, at the moment, four schools such as: School of Allied Health Profession, School of Nursing, School of Pharmacy and School of Public Health as well as two service giving departments (Department of Basic Behavioral Sciences and Biomedical Science). This time, the college is providing educational services in 8 degree and 7 diploma programs in the fields of Clinical Laboratory Science, Dental Therapy, Optometric Technician, Medical Laboratory Technology, and Radiography, Nursing pharmacy, Pharmacy Technician and Pubic health.

The 4th commencement of the college of Health Sciences presents outstanding students for graduation. This year’s graduating batch embraced 396 students. Of the total number of graduates, the 115 are degree graduates and the 281 diploma holders, while the 45 graduated at a distinction. Most of these outstanding students not only did they graduate with a high GPA but also they took a long journey throughout  the years,  and finally making it means a lot to them and their loved ones.

Lia Alem Tekle, outstanding student and graduate of Science and Clinical Laboratory Science, said that she along with her colleagues successfully completed their program thanks to their hard work, determination and

Ms. Lia Alem Tekle
purposefulness; they are now ready to begin their next chapter of their lives. Despite the challenges they remained firm in their desire to achieve their goals. Lia also stated:  “From this time onwards, I am sure we will be reworded for our prudence.”

The celebration’s atmosphere got even brighter with the presence of families and friends whom encouraged the graduates with ululation and applause.

Mr. Kidane Ukbazghi Berhane, father of a graduate, expressed his feelings of pride and joy as on this day not only did he see his son graduate but also witnessed his son’ s future as he sailed out to a life time journey of happiness and success. His joy as a parent in this occasion is so immense and said that he felt as if he was born again. Finally, he reminded all parents to give their children all the love and continuous support needed in chasing their dreams.

As the ACHS has multiethnic students from all over the country, it also offers educational opportunity to foreign students. For example Mohammed Ahmed, Medical Laboratory technician, is a Somali native who studied here in ACHS was very satisfied with his achievements. Proud of the knowledge acquired during this time, in which he studied and worked with his Eritreans colleagues whom he found very smart and fun to collaborate with. He wished them all success throughout their carriers.

At the end, the ceremony was beautifully closed by Ms. Amna Nurhussien, the Minister of Health. As she stated, the progress that Eritrea has been registering makes the country one of the few African countries with a promising medical future.

It’s an undeniable fact that the Ministry of Health in collaboration with different national and international organizations has through putting in place infrastructures of many hospitals and clinics around the country made possible the eradication of malaria and other diseases which used to pose threats to people’s lives. Much has also been done in decreasing the rate of child and maternal mortality.

As a matter of fact, Eritrea is expected to reach the realization of the cherished goal in the medical aspect. Stating so, we are very well aware of the hard work that is expecting the Eritrean people and its Government to achieve such stability and an unshakable welfare.

Expressing due appreciation to the staff and teachers as well as families of the graduates for their motivation and continuous support, Ms. Amina Nurhussein explained that the main objective is to produce effective and productive health professionals devoted for the well-being of their society and encouraged them to stay true to respecting our promise to the fallen heroes in building a better and stronger country. After wishing success in their future careers, Ms. Amna congratulated all the graduates and families on this significant event.

The contribution of ACHS to the provision and improvement of healthcare has been significant and will continue to grow. The graduates are expected to fit into the continuous and ever changing medical discoveries; as they truly are indispensable assets to Eritrea’s progress.

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