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Eritrean Youth Make Difference in Various Domains

Mr. Mohammed Atta
Eritrean youths have selflessly been contributing what is expected of them without thinking of any sort of reward in return. A number of youths have been engaged in various development programs employing what capacity they have, be it professional skill or physical labor. Mohammed Atta has along with other youths been sharing his expertise in the implementation of different development projects. Excerpts of the interview conducted with Eng. Mohammed Atta, Head of Engineering Department in Bdho Construction Company follows:

What is your view on the endeavors youths of this country have made in various fields of work?

Eritrean youths have been accomplishing remarkable tasks as designers, work leaders, and surveyors in various domains. All Eritrean youths are working towards the realization of social justice. The construction of new roads on the cliffy route that takes from Egila-Kohayto to Foro is an epitome of the can do sprit of Eritrean youths. What the youths accomplished there gives one an impression that Eritrean youths are very dynamic in addressing challenges flexibly.

A number of dams and huge bridges have been constructed in Southern and Gash-Barka regions with active involvement of youths. Generally, huge and very amazing infrastructural tasks have been implemented throughout the country.

How do you describe the contribution of Eritrean youths to the country’s economic growth?

They have been making due contributions in saving foreign currency expenses. They have also been working for the betterment of future generations. Much has been done in transportation and construction of houses and other development programs. Such a farsighted vision of the youths has been the result of the unity they maintained between one another in every aspects of the nation building endeavors.

What could you say about the transfer of knowledge between the experts and apprentice  youths’?

Knowledge transfer could only be realized when youths are deployed in varied work fields. As regards the transfer of knowledge in the construction field, it has not been confined to the engendering aspect of it but the

Eagla-Demhina Road penetrating through clifs
youths at all levels of competence rather sought to gain experiences through hands-on practices. Therefore, youths at all levels of skills have indeed worked hard and every individual has been very keen to learn new things. Experts in different fields of construction has been working to make sure that the desired professional skills are transferred to novice workers.

Could you share the feelings you have while witnessing that people have become beneficiaries of the services youths like you made possible?

To see that people get benefit of the infrastructural undertakings makes one motivated and becomes more  enthusiastic  to work harder in an enhanced manner. Above all, such accomplishment gives one spiritual satisfaction and feels very energetic to get prepared for extra achievement.

What is your opinion on the unity of youths in the implementation of projects?

Let’s see the Igila-Demhina road as an example. Prior its construction extensive studies were conducted that aimed at identifying the possible techniques that would be applied in the construction of a road that goes through this respective area. This project started in 2006 and the later developments are depictions of the teamwork and of the knowledge transfer. Youths have followed footsteps of the pioneers of the project as mechanics, technicians and as professionals of other skills. Youths deployed from different vocational training centers to the construction companies have been playing due role in the realization of the envisaged goal. What is true about the role of youths in this project is the same in other projects that have been implemented elsewhere in the country.

How do you see the competence of the Youths?

Youths in bridge construction
Eritrean youths never say this or that is impossible. They rather prefer to work hard and make what seems impossible possible through teamwork. They also refer materials that could enhance their knowledge on the matter they are to deal with.

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