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5th commencement of EIT Ensures the Rise of Professional Skills

“Although it was a lot of ups and downs, a lot of challenges and obstacles now that I have finally made it, it was all worth the while. To reach my goal and to finally realize my dream is beyond what words can express. And after frankly thanking my parents whom were there supporting me all along I would like to make a pledge to my country to help in the ever growing national progress.” states Adulis Yamane, a remarkable student from the department of Civil Engeenering. As the EIT graduates 1120 students on the 7th July of 2012. The ceremony had the honorable presence of the minister of Education Mr. Semere Russom, Zoba administrators, Army Commanders, Religious Leaders, Members of National Board and Deans of institutions for Higher Education. On this day not only did a thousand dreams come true but our nation yet again took one step towards success and growth.

The graduation was held in Mai Nefhi Institute College of Technology. The commencement had 342 degree graduates and the rest were diploma graduates.  It is worth mentioning that the college of Engineering and Technology is graduating 30 students with degree for the very first time in the Department of Aeronautical Engineering.

The institute embraces at the moment 3 colleges: College of Education, Engineering and Technology, and College of Science. Nowadays the college have 20 departments from

Adulis Yemane
which they have both degree and diploma programs. They also have commenced graduate program in the College of Science in four areas. The EIT is committed to assist students to develop their potential and to acquire the requisite knowledge in all aspects of life. All graduates are expected to obtain expertise in their respective disciplines and wisely and effectively use it for the progress and success of themselves as well as the nation’s.

It’s a true fact that the institute plays a dynamic and key role in national development therefore apart for the educational development the institute strikes to keep increasing the materials and facilities to satisfy the needs of the students with the collaboration of different ministries and administrations. In addition the institution is currently trying to establish partnership with different colleges and universities abroad. This form of national and international interactive partnership wills no doubt ensure that EIT will have evident growth in the near future.

Although the institution improved a lot during its past years, it is well understandable that there are a few challenges that must be solved in a short period of time, such as the shortage of lecturers because up to this moment the lecturers recruited were foreigners. To do so EIT it is offering master’s degree and PHD scholarships as well as having commencements of our own local gradates programs. Currently there is a Tele-Education program under the Pan Africa E-network which offers M.Sc. in IT. Therefore in the coming years there will be openings to the fellow graduates’ to teach. If plans follow up the hopes and strategies EIT is going to have 33 local lecturers with a master’s degree in the profession.

Dr. Tesfamichael Haile, Dean of the EIT, after offering a very detailed and visionary description, mission and strategy of the institute he sincerely congratulated the students along with their loved ones by stating: “Dear graduates, we as your teachers are absolutely sure that with the knowledge you have acquired so far, you will not only have outstanding carriers but you will also be an indispensable asset for Eritrea. Your graduation signifies your relentless hard work and dedication. Last but not least I congratulate all of you students and wish you success throughout your lives and on behalf of the staff and myself I thank all of you parents and families whom have nurtured and given continuous support”.

Mrs. Mebrat and her family
The joy of the parents was so overwhelming that the atmosphere got brighter. A proud mother, just as many, Mrs. Mebrat Andichiel mother of Nahom Daniel from the Department of Computer Engineering, thanked everybody starting from the government, the school, teachers and her son’s colleagues for making this day happen. She was so happy till the point that she couldn’t put her joy in words.

During the ceremony Minister of Education said that this season of the year as it is full of prosperity is accompanied by the many commencements which give an extra source of hope for us Eritreans. In fact we are now witnessing the 5th commencement of EIT with much pride and joy.

Mr. Semere explained the policy that the government designed 8 years ago by realizing that one university down sized the possibilities of young people’s higher education; therefore it worked on expanding branches of the Asmara University that later on became autonomous colleges. Although this decision was misunderstood by many an aspect that must be underlined is the incensement of enrolment that accrued in those years: now that the colleges are all around the country more possibilities are giving to the citizens of small cities and villages. Moreover the minister acknowledged that the infrastructure of the colleges might not be excellent at the moment but we are sure we will have colleges that are internationally well equipped. Finally he thanked the government and the Eritrean people that gave significant support and reminded the students to repay them back by making the most out of what, so far, the college and life experiences have taught them.

With the quantity of joyful people that were there one would think that this commencement was the first and the last, but yet again it is unquestionable the fact that this is just one of many commencements that will be held this year and so many years to come.

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