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America has often the habit of disclosing and disseminating global human rights reports to the world without being invited or requested to do so. In such a report (human rights report), the country recounts what may happen in China, what Russia does, what is lacking in Venezuela, what has been done in Iran, what takes place in Eritrea and the like. However, the United States reports nothing about the human rights situation in its own jurisdiction and what happens in terms of human rights as a result of its intervention in such countries as Somalia, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan and others. If America, as part of its human rights reports, were willing or to be exact if it were possible, to have the human rights situations in such cases recounted, much more complicated human rights problems would be reported or disclosed.

One of the major excuses that are used as a pretext for blaming other countries is the issue of democracy. But the type of democracy that is used by America as a means to defame others is not the standard democracy we know. The type of democracy that is advocated or preached in this case is significantly colored by its own calculations and standards. Consequently, its results do not stabilize the world – rather they destabilize many countries in the world. If try to analyze retrospectively about what has happened in history in relation to those different leaders who faced coups in the world while they were democratically elected and publicly legitimate ones , the hands of the American government had been involved in the removal of such leaders in different countries. It has been well documented in his¬tory that behind the 40 coups and the assassination of different leaders that took place in Asian, African and Latin American countries from mid 1950s to mid 1980s was the American administration.

During his administration Truman said, “We had a good time before we started to feel the consequences or side-effects associated with democracy.” When compared to what Truman said, the American administration has formed a task force named a Trilateral Commission that is entrusted with ‘moderating democracy’ as the administration has concluded that democracy is hindering the way they run the state apparatus.

As it has been clearly stated in a book authored by Noam Chomsky, which is entitled ‘Neces-sary Illusion’, the aforesaid task force concluded and accordingly recommended that the American public has to be conditioned to the extent that the people have to be unconcerned about democracy as it was the case in their traditional setting and their apathy in this case has to be cultivated by the government. It means that the habits associated with democratic practices have to be undone. They have to be used to being loyal to the state and their logical orientations associated with political issues should be discouraged. As part of its recommendation, the commission asserted that it is through this mechanism that the America can moderate the problems linked with democracy or democratic stupidity. But the case (mission) was also believed to be applicable elsewhere too.

A famous ex-director of CIA, Brzezinski, was the person who formed Al-Qaeda with the intention of collapsing Russia. At the end of the 1970s when he was asked, “Don’t you fear that those fundamentalists that are being encouraged today may destabilize the world tomorrow?”

The senior American official said, “What threatens America more, the Russian Kingdom or the few crazy Islamic fundamentalists?” The details of the fact that the single most important factor that is considered while the country’s policies and strategies are formulated is America’s self-interest have been clearly described in Iqbal Ahmed’s book entitled ‘Clash of Civilization’. The fact that the narrow perspective of America and the fuel accordingly ignited by America may backfire has been substantiated with supportive evidence in Fawaz Gerges’s book entitled “Why Jihad Went Global”. The book contains details about the strategy of accommodating short-term enemies for materializing long term goals.

The worst thing is that unnecessarily the lives of many innocent citizens are being claimed to put out the terrorism fuel that was ignited by America. After the September 11 attack, which was caused by the terrorists created by America itself, many innocent people have been tortured a lot as a result of its blind perspective that ‘everything in the forest is a predator.’ Murat Kurnaz’s book, entitled “Five Years of My Life- An Innocent Man in Guantanamo”, indicates that America has reversed the fact that everybody is considered innocent until he or she is proved to be a criminal and has tended to believe that ‘everybody is considered to be a criminal until he or she is proved to be an innocent one.’

The current practices in the American court system have started not to center their verdict on whether a person is guilty or innocent.

Today’s court decision in America is called exculpatory. Such a system attempts to prove some-body innocence. In such a case, it is expediently ‘sensible’ to torture people in jails until you prove that they are innocent. This means you exculpate people jailed in such a way when you prove that they are innocent in areas like Guantanamo.

‘Friendly Totalitarianism’ is a phrase that is part of the security strategy in America – its intention being to encourage totalitarian friends. To this effect, those who oppress their own people and who happen to be corrupt leaders using public resources for their own private gains must be supported as long as they as they help America to promote its national interest. In this case, there is no need to raise the issue of democracy. The rule of the game in this case is that as long as such leaders are instrumental for promoting the national interest of America, America is not concerned whether they are democratic or not.

The guiding principle of the American administration has institutionalized the removal of leaders (coups) and this can be easily confirmed by the following examples:-

* The United States of America engineered the coup that was led by Hussein Alziem in Syria. This coup happened in 1950 and it was the first coup in the Middle East.

* It was America that masterminded the coup that ousted President Mohammed A.Musaddiq in Iran in 1954. President Mohammed A.Musaddiq was a widely accepted legitimate leader. More importantly, he liberated the country from Great Britain’s British Petroleum that intended to exploit and monopolize the oil resources in Iran. John Foster Dulles’s brother was entrusted with the task of removing Mohammed A.Musaddiq.

John Foster Dulles was the person who worked his best to have Eritrea annexed to Ethiopia in the name of a futile federation.

Mark Curtis, in his book entitled ‘The Ambiguity of Power’ has incorporated descriptions of the above case. Mark Curtis has describe in detail in his book that CIA and MI-6 invested 4.5 million dollar for buying the support of military commanders, Mass media editors, NGOS and civil servants to materialize the ultimate goal of removing Moham¬med A.Musaddiq.

* In 1958, America prevented Ismail Al-Azhari not to be a lead¬er in his country and not to chair the parliament in Sudan. America proposed that he should hand over power to the army. In real terms, Ismail Al-Azhari had to be a prime minister on 17 November 1958.

However, Prime Minister and minister of defense Abdella Khelil handed over the power to rule to the army in answer to what Ethiopia’s Haileslassie suggested, as Haileslassie had strong ties with America and western countries.

* In 1961, Mobutu Sese Seko, ousted Prime Minster Patrice Émery Lumumba through a military coup. Patrice Lumumba was not only a more legitimate post-independence leader but he was also a widely accepted and famous leader of the liberation movement in Congo. The coup against Lu-mumba was organized by Ameri¬ca. President Eisenhower directly instructed that a toothbrush that was lubricated with a killer poi¬son to be manufactured so that it can be given to Lumumba in the form of a gift.

This reminds what the gift of the wicked ones really is. When Patrice Lumumba was killed cruelly, his teeth were removed and sent separately to Belgium. For details in connection with this issue one can refer to ‘The Chief of the station’ authored by Larry Devlin or a book summary translated to the Tigrigna language with the title ‘??? ???? ?? ??? ???? ? ????’.

* In 1965, America along with Britain conspired a coup in Ni¬geria against a democratically elected Prime Minister Abubeker Tafawa through the help of Gen¬eral Aguiyi Ironsi. During the coup Prime Minister Tafawa and Sorduna Ahmadu Bielon were as¬sassinated.

* In 1966, American engineered a coup against the famous Ghanaian national leader Kwame Nkrumah through the help of General Ankra.

Nkrumah was a considerably legitimate leader with massive popular support. Finally, he was sentenced by America to be jailed and he suffered a lot. As a consequence, he became critically ill and died there. The details of such a conspiracy can be accessed by referring to what Adam Curtis’s two programmes prepared with BBC with the title ‘Black Power Pandora Box’.

* In mid 1930s, America engi¬neered and logistically supported the second futile invasion against a popular and widely legitimate government of Ahmed Sekou Toure in Guinea-Conakry.

*  In June 1966, America conspired to weaken and accordingly organized the coup that removed from office Jamal Abdul Nasir as he was becoming very influential.

* On 25 May 1965, the coup that was conducted by Colonel Jaafar Nimeiri was masterminded by America.

* In Latin America also the United States of America engineered through General Pinochet the coup that happened in Chile in 1973 and this coup resulted in the removal of a popular and widely legitimate president Salvador Allende. America also armed those who were involved in the coup. During the Coup president Allende was assassinated and many others were disappeared. The person who was responsible for this coup was Henry Kissinger who was the National Security advisor at that time.

* Besides, America pushed for coups to be organized against a popular and widely acceptable Turkish movement that was led by Professor Najmuddin Arbakan. An example of this is what happened in September 1980. This coup was led by General Kenan.

* In early 1990s, western countries that were led by America planned coups against a movement that was widely legitimate in Algeria. As a consequence of this, the country experienced a serious civil war that claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent people.

* America did its best to overthrow and corner the popularly elected Hamas movement in Pal-estine.

* By investing considerably in Venezuela’s companies and sometimes by trying to employ President Castro’s wife in CIA, America had the intention to assassinate and overthrow the lead-ers. ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, a book authored by Tariq Ali has the details in relation to this issue.

* In 2003, based on the information provided by Ahmed Shele¬bi, a politician who is considered to be less dependable one, America waged a war against the Iraqi people. Aram Roston, in his book entitled ‘The Man who Pushed America for War’, has dealt with the details related to this case.

* It has been also well documented in historical records that all coups that were observed in Latin and Central America such as in Panama, Haiti, Philippines, Honduras and others are mainly engineered by America.

The coups of that are organized by America, unlike what many people think, were not started during the cold war. Rather they were started as the end of the 19th century.

* In 1903, there was a coup that was conducted for promoting the interest of American cor-porations.

* In 1909, there was a coup that was experienced by Nicaragua for the sake of an American bank, namely Brown Brothers.

* In 1914, there was a coup in Mexico that wan initiated to advance the interests of American Oil companies –‘TAMOPIKE’.

* In 1916, there were coups that happened to six Latin American countries for reasons associated with Wall Street.

* In 1923 there was an upheaval in China and that was caused as a consequence of promoting the interest of Standard Oil.

What is surprising is that the name of the American institution that was conducting the coups was ‘League against war and Fascism’. This institution used to do the reverse of what has been indicated by its name.

This story has been deliberately removed from history books in America. However, America’s wicked deeds have been exposed by Clayton Cramer’s book which is entitled ‘The Histories that the Government of America does not want you to Know.’ The legacies of a bad time hurt you more than the bad time itself. In the fall of 1934, the spokesman of the ‘The League against war and Fascism’, Darlington Butter was asked by Wall Street rich men who were led by Grayson Murphy to topple an American president Roosevelt with the help of 500,000 armed forces. In return, Darlington Butter was told that he would earn some amount of money for carrying out the assignment. This coup history has been intentionally concealed from the citizenry as America asserts its administrations seize power not by bullets but by ballots.

In sum, America does not tolerate those popularly legitimate leaders, particularly the ones who are courageous enough to oppose its policies of domination and who are committed for pro¬moting not the interest of America but the interests of their own people.

As a result it tries to ensure its ambition to have a lion’s share of world resources in the name of democracy. In connection to this, America has been engaged in defaming those widely legitimate leaders with the intention of replacing them with corrupt and less legitimate ones but happen to be servile and policy instruments for promoting the self-defined national interest of America.

Instead of being engaged in removing legitimate leaders in the name of democracy, it would be much better for America to be more concerned about purifying its own sins.


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