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REYWA Production
It is a very common character among young Eritreans to seek for work and careers in turfs that haven’t been explored yet. Every day we see new flairs that at a glance might seem simple and common but specifically studied are exceptional. Undeniable is the fact that to do so it is absolutely necessary to have talent, dedication, desire and so much more. Lately a group of young women caught my, along with many people’s, attention. Their work can be metaphorically compared to the old classical art: simple at your first sight but looked closely are elegant, refreshing, mind blowing with cured details and absolutely beautiful. These five friends almost out of nothing make gorgeous and stylish, unique handmade bracelets, bags, belts, gadgets’ cases and so much more charms and ornaments that every girl wants to own.

Can you tell me a few things about yourselves?

My name is Helen and my collogues are Mical, Percy, Senet and Kisanet .We went to the Italian school of Asmara: G. Marconi. We have been friends ever since we were kids. After finishing high school we went to Sawa with the 25th round to do our military service.

What is your business and how did it start?

We make bracelets, bags, wallets, earrings and other small stuff.

It started as soon as we came back from Sawa. It started off as a simple thing. We just made some small stuff for us but once our friends saw them we started getting questions like “where did you buy them”  “can I get one too”. When rumors spread we started getting a lot of requests and that is when we started making business.

How do you make them?

We buy the fabrics in town. It’s funny how and when we started doing this business we discovered a lot of unknown places where a lot of useful stuff is at our disposal. Every day my friends and I dedicate a couple of hours just to sit and make them.

Is the job tiring?

Its ok but since we try to satisfy our clients as much possible we try to visualize what exactly they have in mind and we make it customized therefore it is necessary to pay much attention to the details. In addition as mentioned before we go everywhere to buy the raw materials  that we need so often we spend entire mornings or afternoons going from shop to shop and from neighborhoods to neighborhoods. Mainly because the materials that we need and use are hard to find.

Where do you get the designs?

We mostly improvise. Plus we are five so every one kind of gives their own thoughts and ideas so at the end of the day you have lots of ideas. In fact our products are of limited edition simply because whenever we make something new ideas keep flowing through our minds.

And how is the business? Financial wise?

From the five of us there is one that finished in finance and accounting, Mical, so we leave her all the numbers and calculations. It’s a small business so we don’t have massive income but for a start is good enough. The money that we earn allows us to invest in what we do and then we get to have a little amount of pocket money.

Have you had supports or obstacles ever since you started?

Our families and friends have been there supporting us all along. And even some people we don’t know when they see us working they give us moral support. For instance there was this man from whom we bought a lot of fabrics and he couldn’t help but wonder what we needed it for; as we explained he was quite content to see young people doing an honest living and he gave us some extra tips that were really useful.  But as any small or big business we have had and still have some competitions.

What do you mean competition?

Some people tried to copy our ideas and started making the exact thing. This was disappointing . But the further we think about it we truly  feel sorry for those people because copying someone’s idea doesn’t make you a genius but on the contrary it forces you to live under that someone’s shadow as you won’t express your own ideas and creativities. So we really don’t know if it’s worth making some extra few Nakfa this way but it was definitely an alarming experience to me and friends as now we strike for higher objectives with new and more sophisticated visuals.

What are your future plans?

Lately we are realizing that we are in need of more time and more employees to satisfy our customers’ requests. So the plan is to take it to another level by opening up a shop and much later on maybe a company of our own.

Anything else you would want to say?

Yeah. We are very happy and proud of what we have accomplished so far. And even if our plan doesn’t see through at least it was a priceless experience, we had a lot of fun and thousands more sweet memories with my friends. Last but not least I would like to thank our loved ones who are always there to render support.

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