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The successive offensives and liberation of Eritrea (Part II)

The different attempts by the EPLF at Bizen prior to the Fenkil Operation to rearrange position and to set conducive ground for future programs were not successful. The enemy was so anxious that it was compelled to from February 1990 to conduct successive attempts in the Ghinda environs and Northern Red Sea. On the part of the EPLF it understood that the chance of penetrating the Ghinda front was minimal but to consolidate position. And in the end of April 1990 launched the southern offensive and within one month it liberated Senafe, Adi-Keih and Segeneity. The enemy to retaliate loses it encountered at the south fronts launched heavy failed offensives in the Bizen, Ghinda and Girat Awli’e. The offensive of the EPLF in September 1990 to liberate Dekemkare was not successful. And the two offensives conducted in March of the same year in the eastern and southern Asmara aimed at increasing the pressure on the Derg that was very much worried of its shrinking logistics and aerial support was not yet successful.  The offensive of the enemy in 1990 at the Halhal front was also foiled.

After the successive offensives and counter offensives conducted for a year long, in order to enter into the last and concluding offensive the EPLF conducted heavy offensive in March at the Tio, Idi and as well as at Assab environs and at same time in 19/05/91 launched another heavy offensive at the Dekemhare front that ended with the liberation of Asmara in 24/05/1991. The 130,000 enemy forces that were stationed in Eritrea were defeated. The TPLF offensives that were being conducted inside Ethiopia have also to be equally remembered. With that the EPLF accomplished its mission of liberating the country from the yokes of colonialism.


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