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Talented youths’ input in Eritrea’s Way Forward (PART II and Final)

Mr. Saied Mohammed Ali
What Eritrean youths have accomplished in the education sector indeed deserves big incentive that goes far beyond mere appreciation. Let’s see some of the endeavors the youths exerted in developing new mathematical theorems and also efforts exerted in developing Geez grammar and spelling checking software.

His name is Saied Mohammed Ali. He developed three internationally recognized Mathematical Theorems. After he completed his secondary school at Warsay-Yekealo Senior secondary school in Sawa, he joined tertiary level education with a GPA of 3.8. This time he is studying medial science in Orotta School of Medicine and Dentistry. He is among those who won the Soira award for his outstanding excellence in the field of mathematics.

Pan African Book Company has in a book title International Journal of Pure and Applied Science vol. 3 of 2010 published Saied’s new mathematical theorems.  The theorems developed by Saied are known as double angle triangle and triple angle triangle theorems. Saied’s main effort was to convert the double and triple angle formulas in trigonometry, which mainly work in angles, into side relationship. So, the double angle formula was converted into double angle triangle theorem which could help to find a relationship in three angles of a triangle. If we see Pythagoras’ theorem, what Pythagoras did was creating a formula on how to find one side of a right angle triangle through side relationship using the formula  c2 = A2 +B2.

Mr. Saied said “What I worked hard was how to convert the double angle formula into double angle theorem and the other is to convert a triple angle formula into triple angle triangle theorem.”  These two theorems, which are named after his name, could now solve different mathematical problems in geometry, survey, physics, mathematics, astronomy and navigation. The formulas are crated based on Pythagoras identities and Saied used the identities to convert the double and triple angle formulas to basic theorems.

Saied made extra efforts to create an additional theorem to which he named it Eritrea’s theorem. But, what was the reason for naming it Eritrea’s theorem. He said “The tuition free education I am provided with in my homeland, Eritrea, is the very source for the success I have so far achieved. If it was not so, I could not reach this level of achievement.” Saied’s third theorem named as Eritrea’s Theorem 2012 is published in International Journal of Mathematics Research Vol. 4 NO. 4. What is unique about the third theorem of 2012? The main idea in this theorem is that one could generate a new formula through multiplying the three angles of a triangle. What is different in this theorem is that one could find the other angles of a triangle based only on the given hypotenuse.

Most mathematical theorems were created or derived by senior experts of the filed, but Saied has developed three theorems in his young age. One could understand what Saied could do in the future if he keeps working on what he has started. Even though he was invited for a number of times, he could not participate in the international science conferences to present his findings for he had to pursue his medical education.  Also invited, Saied did not succeed to be a member of the research institution for he had to accomplish some tasks prior to it.

Haben Solomon is a Computer Engineering Graduate of 2012 class. He is a member of a group of students that developed Geez Grammar and Spelling Checking software. “We started to develop the software for spelling checking, but we later included the grammar aspect of the language as well,” Haben said. What the group set out to accomplish was to address common spelling and punctuation errors. They have done their part in developing the software and what they need to do is to make it a standardized spelling and grammar checking software.  If they get a data of a standardized version of Tigrigna which could be mostly done through the collaboration of linguists in this respective language, they are ready to make it a better Grammar and Spelling checking software.

The group has utilized Visual Studio 2010 to include some add inns into Microsoft office. But they developed the main Grammar and Spelling checking program independently. “We planned to use the program we developed not with office alone but to make it compatible with other programs as well.” Haben said. “This program could also be used with some social networking sites and browsers.”

According to the group, the feedback it received form people is encouraging. “Some people are even very eager to have it with them and are asking to be launched,” Haben said.  Future plan of this group is to make some corrections to some language errors that are included within the software.

Achievement of youths in different disciplines is very encouraging what they have accomplished is just a beginning. Such a talent was hidden from the eyes of the general public but it has been with them for a long time. One could understand from this that there is also more to come from these youths and others who have not yet familiarized their work accomplishments.  A collective work of all Eritrean youths is playing a major role in Eritrea’s way forward development.

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