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Life is about traveling

Following the time of your inception inside your biological or surrogate mother’s, we have yet to reach into such technological feat,  womb, you have, instinctively, aspired to come out to the world and start your travels. No sooner were you born than you were nurtured in your mother arms. However you have always demanded for your leave to be left out alone and to start your journey. Time pushes and your physical build up will urge you to start crawling for a while. Then you suddenly stood upright as a toddler. You wish you could run as fast as your puppy or your kitty and reach to all ends around your house.  Anyway it is the beginning of a new life for you will be more interested to discover the world around you by all of your senses. As an infant everything that you can get hold on, you will put it in your mouth.  Some are tasty and you will want more, while others are bitter and you will by instinct protrude your tongue in resentment. Sometime you will even feel like holding the flame burning from the candle. When you feel your tender hands tingled you will instantly move back and you will vow to never approach again. It is all along the travels of trial and error. Meanwhile, you will reach to an age when your parents will take you to the kindergarten. The first day you will be taken to the school you will fiercely resist and cry and feel betrayed by your parents when they leave you there. You will be short of words to shout. The only power you will have is to cry relentlessly .You will innocently sense that it is as if it is a cage that would tamper with your travels. By and large you will settle and get used to it and start to enjoy the company of many children like you in the first place. Subsequently you will marvel at the world of travels through the alphabets, pictures and other teaching aids. As your mind matures you will find yourself climbing the ladder of Junior and Secondary schools and finally the University, with more researches to follow. You have discovered yourself that you are a real person of all wits and intelligence. Along the way you may perhaps come across meeting your future spouse. Hopefully you will be blessed with children, and enjoy or detest the challenges of collective travels. Alternatively you may feel like spending the rest of your life as a single person. It is still part and parcel of the travels in life.

You will feel bitter to leave the life of your school days for you will leave behind the loving memory of all those years. You will remember your responsible and adorable teachers and instructors and those great as well as naughty school mates. Yet the travels in life will urge you to join the world of business. It will be another completely new and challenging life, posing a new dimension in the travels of life. It is a long way to go. What is important is that how much motivated will you be to discover the world around you with more recognition and admiring the beauty of nature itself. I believe you will not be among those who prefer to live within the confines of their own cage. Such kinds of people are never motivated by any travels and they could never enrich their scope of thinking. For them it is a very small world, devoid of any pleasures and technological advancement, and everything appears blurred. They can not appreciate the beautiful planet that we are living in. To be in such a situation will be to dwell in an un-redeeming misery.  Heaven forbid You will have a lot to travel for life is about traveling. You can look around you in three dimensions. The earth, the lakes, the trees, the animals, and the skies they all look limitless. Actually they really are.  If you would have the chance to peer to the skies through a powerful telescope that can take you to billions of light years away from earth, you will not see the end. After all there is no end. It is incredible scenery. You might therefore feel the best way would be to own the fastest spaceship technology has ever created and set for an adventurous travel through time and space. Unfortunately the technology is yet to invent that vehicle. You will then think for an alternative. You might wish to be an astronomer and travel through the skies with your eyes, through the help of telescopes, endlessly. There are colorful sceneries of group of stars, planets, comets, shooting stars and the black hole in that vast space and time, packed with billions of galaxies. That would seem so much utopian and we have to leave it for future technological advancement when mankind will create affordable space vehicles for every one to travel with.

Well what about discovering the world you are living in. I do not mean the whole world, but at least within your geographical location. Those who have financial muscle may spend most of their lives in traveling around the world. Recently the writer met an octogenarian who has been traveling around the world since 1947. He emphasized that he is determined to continue his travels. He has literally visited every country in the world. He was curious to see Eritrea and was fascinated by its scenic beauty.  However it was not his last leg. He will continue to travel as he said.

If you have the love or at least a good sense of Art, you will enjoy travels in its broadest magnitude.  Eritrea is endowed with spectacular scenery, in the treasure of its geographical and archaeological sites, coupled with all the fauna and flora that it can present to any interested adventurer.

You might perhaps feel deterred by some financial constraints. It is true, but if you are determined you can travel within your economic limits such as on foot, bicycle, or public bus as the case may be. The early sea travelers of the likes of Christopher Colombo and Vasco Dagama simply set out on sailing boats five hundred years ago. They sailed for months on end through uncharted waters on the high seas. After arduous and agonizing encounters resisting all wind gales and hurricanes and on occasions at the cost of losing the lives of some of their seamen they finally discovered North and South America. Their journey began with only one aim, to travel and discover for themselves if the world had edges and find out what lies beyond. During those times some people with inquisitive minds were advocating that the world is flat. Surprisingly with the late expeditions of Magellan and Thomas cook, through the seven seas, the world was found out to be spherical in shape. In general what they have found out was that if one will plan for a seemingly risky adventure one will achieve some things to see and even conquer. The scramble for Africa in the 18th century is one case in point.

In our contemporary world, however, there seems to be an endless quest for space travels. For the technologically advanced world it may eventually happen that in future man kind will perhaps conquer some habitable planets. It will be a voyage through the stars. 

It all starts, however, by studying the world around you. Were you ever interested to have some knowledge of the names of the plants and animals around you including the birds that you very often admire to see? Have you ever thought of diving in the sea and look what treasures it holds. The Dahlak Archipelago, The Buri Peninsula, to mention but few are spectacular sites for sea excursion.  Well, you need to recognize that life is all about traveling. You have to venture to get out of your box before the time you are allowed to enjoy your life amid the cosmic time may cease to continue. 

In the world of reality you need to plan your travels around Eritrea. There are endless places to see. You do not need a map. You are already there and the choice is yours. By the way planning is one element of the travels in life. It will make you well structured as you would be obliged to list down your priorities as a check list. Once you start with destination one, you will then be conditioned to go for the second, the third and so forth. After visiting a number of destinations you will marvel why people prefer to remain static in one place. Do you know, as scientists say, that the universe is always in the move? So should be you. Keep on moving through life’s travels. You will enjoy it out there. You have to have a probing mind.

In the recent past there has been a volcanic eruption in our southern Red sea region. All those geological movement from the earth’s crust have drawn the attention of scientists and the relentless traveler. Along that area there is the trace of volcanic eruption, the world renowned Great Rift Valley, which took place millenniums of years ago. Have you ever thought of visiting that place? In every place you will visit you will see different cultures and traditional dresses. You will learn more on how people do live and how do they see the world around them? Each life style is unique. Every traveler has a lot to learn from different cultures.

If one is an avowed traveler one hopes to see Eritrea from Ras Kassar to Ras Dumera and from Massawa to Tesseney, where you will be fascinated by the myriads of spectacular places and diversified people all having a common ethical attitude and hospitable personality, geographically united in the Eritrea of Today.

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