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Id Al-Fetr Al-Mubarak colorfully celebrates

Id Al-Fetr Al-Mubarak colorfully celebrated nationwide today, 19 of August.

Asmara, 19 August 2012- Id Al-Fetr Al-Mubarak colorfully celebrated nationwide today, 19 of August.


In Asmara in which the faithful from different Mosques gathered at the Bahti Meskerem Square to celebrate the occasion chanting “God is Great” performed prayer led by Sheik Alamin Osman Alamin, Mufti of Eritrea.

In a speech he delivered during the occasion, Sheik Alamin Osman expressing that the meaning of fasting is honoring God and developing self restraint hailed the Eritrean people in general and Moslems in particular and wished peace and prosperity to the people of Eritrea.

Mr. Mohammed Seid, Chair person of Asmara office of Islamic Awkaf, and Mr. Adam Said expressing satisfaction for Id Al-Fetr Al-Mubarak is being celebrated at a time of good rain and peace and serenity prevailing in the country reminded that people extend hands to the needy citizens.

In the ceremony conducted in the Central region hall in which ministers, administrators, members of the diplomatic corps elderlies and other invited guests attended, songs depicting the history of Islam in Eritrea and documentary film describing the reception they received in Eritrea were presented.

Likewise, popular celebration on the occasion of Id Al-Fetir was conducted in Nakfa town in cooperation with the Ministry of Information. In the celebration in which religious leaders, students from the school of Social Science, members of EDF and inhabitants of Nakfa town attended, Mr. Idris Ali Shiker, Administrator of Nakfa town, explained that the people of Eritrea have the culture of celebrating  Holydays together and that such a culture has been nurtured through the sacrifice paid by the Eritrean people.

During the occasion Nisri cultural troupe staged different songs and added color to ceremony.

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