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A joke worth denunciation “Enough is Enough!”

As of late, rumors have been circulating as regards the so-called election scheduled to take place in Mogadishu.

‘Somalia on the path to democracy’; ‘change would come through democracy’; ‘an election being conducted under better circumstances’; ‘it is an election due to take place at a time when the transitional government is in control of large portion of Somali territory’; ‘Mr. X has been nominated’; ‘Mr. Y would run for the election’; ‘this time is better than the previous one’; ‘and the support of the international community is currently on the rise’; etc. The rumors are boundless; the deliberate means employed to propagate them along with the sophisticated tactics too are drawing attention – all these to the gullible!

The basic question has nothing to do with which transitional authority assumes power and which one loses. Neither is it that of “democracy” or “change” or “which entity commands military control,” nor is it about “which side is better than the other.”

Whether or not the international community gives endorsement, after all there exists the supremacy of law and the UN Charter, the basis of which ruling is “respect to Somalia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity” that the UN Security Council itself has adopted on 6 December 2006 through Resolution 1725, thus upholding the inalienable right of the Somali people.

But when talking of ‘Somali elections,’ there obviously arises objective questions that should be raised. Does a sovereign Somalia exist at all? What about Somalia whose territorial integrity has been ensured? How about a united and independent Somali nation? By the same token, what about the role of Somaliland in the so-called elections to be conducted in the name of Somalia? What about Puntland? or the prevailing circumstances pertaining to the larger portion of Somali territory outside Puntland, Somaliland and the area under the control of the so-called provisional government?

Equally worth mentioning is the fact that the so-called election in Mogadishu under the guise of ‘search for democracy’ is taking place at a time when about 2.5 million Somalis (excluding Somaliland and Puntland) are exposed to acute hunger. It is also worth noting that there exists rampant corruption at the level of the so-called state administration and economy, as well as ‘external aid.’

The authors, sponsors and propagators of such old, disgusting and repeated ploys are those forces that have been engaged in countless maneuvers with a view to sabotaging aspirations for building a sovereign and united State of Somalia. In this regard, those quarters that have been taking advantage of the prevailing crisis to enrich themselves have also been pretending to fight terrorism despite the fact that they have been creating the groundwork for extremism and piracy. Nonetheless, the same quarters could not manage to cover up their sinister acts of undermining peace, stability and cooperation in the Horn region as a whole through instigating crisis situations even beyond Somalia itself. In this respect, resort is being made by these same forces to employ the so-called provisional Somali government as a cover for their ominous maneuvers.It should be borne in mind that one should not fall victim to the futile diversionary ploys of such forces keen to bypass the main and basic issues at hand.

Under the circumstances, the main focus should be ensuring Somalia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, as well as the unity of its people through laying bare the sinister acts of those same quarters, and thereby promoting peace, stability and cooperation in the entire Horn region. Moreover, concerted action should be taken towards enabling the Somali people embark upon wide-ranging and participatory political process.

Hence, the people of Somalia, the entire political forces in the country and justice-seeking people worldwide are called upon to declare: “Enough to Joke!” through heeding the maxim: “Fooled once, shame on you; Fooled twice shame on me.”

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
August 15, 2012

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