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In Eritrea’s Calendar

In the Gregorian calendar, September is the beginning of the New Year. Hence, in Eritrea September is considered by many as a new year and is celebrated with great enthusiasm and festivity.  Most importantly, September has a special place in the history of Eritrean people.  It is the beginning of the end of foreign occupation. When the Ethiopian regime, encouraged and backed by some international powers, broke the terms of the United Nations resolution condemning Eritrea to remain forcefully federated with Ethiopia, reducing Eritrea to the status of countries under occupation, the Eritrean people had to go through rigorous diplomatic efforts including sending delegations to the United Nations to request and appeal that member countries condemn and give voice to the illegal and unwarranted actions being taken by the regime in Ethiopia. All diplomatic efforts, however, received deaf ear by the international community that was supposed to stand for justice and rule of law and the Eritrean people were compelled to resort to armed struggle to ensure their rightful place. On September 1, 1961, Mount Adal witnessed the birth of the long awaited signal, the beginning of Eritrean revolution for independence

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