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September 1 is the symbol of struggle, manifestation of perseverance, as well as the seed of success of the Eritrean people. September 1 is the symbol of struggle, manifestation of perseverance, as well as the seed of success of the Eritrean people.

In 1950s, great powers through the leadership of the U.S. betrayed the Eritrean people of its right to independence and decided the Eritrean question in favor of colonization and bondage. The Eritrean people, nonetheless, surmounted over the verdict of the superpowers through liberation struggle it launched on September 1, 1961. The demise of Haile Selassie regime in 1974 proved the first chapter of the downfall of superpowers and the victory of the people of Eritrea.

In 1977, at a time during which the center of gravity in East Africa shifted from Asmara to Addis Ababa, the then USSR along with its satellites in the Eastern Bloc deployed a myriad of military hardware and advisors in an attempt to obliterate the struggle of the Eritrean people. The people of Eritrea yet remained the victor with the leadership of EPLF. The downfall of the Derg regime and the achievement of the independence of Eritrea constituted the second chapter of the defeat of the superpowers and yet the victory of the Eritrean people.

Upon accomplishment of Eritrea’s independence through struggle and martyrdom, the superpowers spearheaded by the Administration in Washington did not opt to conclude and refrain from the history of betrayals. These same hostile forces provoked and induced war, imposed sanctions and encirclements through direct and subservient instruments in order for Eritrea to not to reinforce its political independence with economic emancipation, as well as become the master of its own decisions and improve the quality of life. Having overcome and foiled the said acts of conspiracy, the people, Government and the Front of Eritrea are once again on the verge of totally prevailing over these
superpowers for the third time. Changes being witnessed in Eritrea’s development drive and in the Horn of Africa’s state of affairs bear out the aforementioned realities.

Enemy quarters have ever regarded the Eritrean people with disdain throughout those three phases. They espoused superciliousness and reiterated: ‘few people, bereft of unity, economically nonviable, devoid of mature leadership’. Despite few in number, there were some Eritreans too, who took such imperiousness to heart. Thanks to the Eritrean people—who inheres in the just cause intact national dignity, civilized decorum, the vision of bright future, endurance and martyrdom for achieving the lofty goal as well as mature and dedicated leadership nurtured from within and during the liberation movement—the Eritrean people has yesterday and today caused embarrassment to and triumphed over all those who held him in disdain, betrayed and waged war against him.

The underlying message of September 1 is thus as stated above.

Our path towards success is that which we traversed through thus far.
We shall uphold the noble cause to which our martyrs paid dear lives.

Victory to the Masses!


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