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The Key to the Success of the Eritrean People (PART V)

Consolidated National Aspiration

One of the success secretes of the Eritrean people is the existence of consolidated nation¬al aspiration. Independence and liberation are closely associated with consolidated national aspiration and the invaluable sacrifices paid for their achievement. The unifying factor for all Eritreans is this consolidated national aspiration and the prices paid for the realization of the commonly shared aspiration. In the early 1960s, the Eritrean revolution was not organized on the basis of nationally unifying aspirations. Instead, it was organized along divisive and parochially designed re¬gional lines. During this period, the Eritrean struggle for independence regressed consid¬erably and the Eritrean people experienced much crisis. Therefore, the people of Eritrea have learned an important historical lesson that the resources of a society is endowed with can be optimally used for its advantage when there is a consolidated national aspiration that citizens mutually share. On the other hand, we Eritreans have also properly noted the consequences and dangers associated with sub-nationalism or parochialism. The struggle for independence in Eritrea was a mass revolution and the sacrifices paid in the course of achieving our independence are commonly shared. In other words, given the historical background of the struggle, the Eritrean people learned enough lessons from the course of the struggle and this coupled with the burning desire for independence created a strong front which in turn made independence a reality. Hence, our independence was achieved through massive popular participation and through commonly shared sacrifices.

The Eritrean people are committed for materializing their shared aspirations with con¬siderable harmony, sweat together for a collective betterment, commonly share their pains and gains as well as the sorrows and joys of the country. In this case, the unifying factor is a consolidated national aspiration. The Eritrean history has provided the Eritrean people with enough lessons that being devoted for a common cause or channeling resources for real¬izing the consolidated national aspiration is basically important both in bad and good times. The Eritrean people are required to shoulder the burdens associated with their choices, and the people have been paying considerable prices for the country’s independent (both politi¬cal and economic) choices which are linked with nation dignity.

Eritreans realize the importance of subordinating private concerns to the public concerns associated with the consolidated national aspiration. As a result, the people rally around a common goal and commonly share the sacrifices linked with the common cause. The consolidated national aspiration was achieved not overnight and without paying correspondingly important sacrifices. Being devoted for the consolidated national aspira¬tion has become a culture in Eritrea as a result of the considerable contributions of our great patriots.

In Eritrea, the consolidated national aspiration has deep and reliable foundation. It is based on mutual understanding and reliable political and civic awareness. The devotion of the people for materializing the consolidated national aspiration was practically tested during the bitter struggle for independence when the people readily paid their precious lives for the sacred goal. The freedom fighters were not only armed with weapons during the struggle; rather they were intangibly armed with a clear goal and a considerable commitment (which is characterized by selfless devotion) for realizing the goal. It is this level of devotion and awareness about the consolidated aspiration that enabled the freedom fighters to make their goal of making Eritrea an independent state a reality, against all odds.

At a time when individualism is almost at its apex, we often come across siblings who tend to have their separate toy or bread. Spouses also tend to have their separate bank ac¬counts. It is very unfortunate that this is considered a civilized culture. Many people in the world are also obsessed with selectively promoting the concerns of their specific tribe and/ or religious group. This has been a considerable cause of chronic conflicts in many societ¬ies. However, when it comes to the case of Eritrea, the people think in terms of realizing development goals as part of the consolidated national aspiration and the Eritrean citizens are committed for the collective betterment of the society as a whole. In this case, the unify¬ing factor is the consolidated national aspiration.

Dignity is the basis of the national aspiration in Eritrea. The Eritrean people know what dignity means as Eritrea has paid invaluable sacrifices for maintaining its dignity. Eritrea is a dignified country because of the people’s devotion and awareness associated with real¬izing the concerns linked with the consolidated national aspiration. In Eritrea, the people readily pay sacrifices for a sacred cause and more importantly sacrifice their concerns for the concerns of the ensuring secure life for the generation to come. This is a reliable basis of national dignity in Eritrea. And this is one of the most important success secrets in the country. The consolidated national aspiration in Eritrea enables the people to be consider¬ably committed and work hard for a better tomorrow.

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