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Is a new world order emerging?

There is a universal truth that every thing has its end. Seasons come and go. Days, months, and years come and go. Humans are born and one day they are gone never to come back. The world has witnessed great empires come and go.

The British proudly boast that the “sun never sets in the British empire”. That was during the time in which Great Britain had almost a quarter of the world in its hands as colony. Britain had colonies in North America, South America, Africa, the Middle East, the Far East and Australia. It was as if the world belonged to Britain along with France and other countries who had colonies here and there. And the saying implies that the sun is always over a British colony. To day that has become a distance history.


In the history books we read that the twentieth century saw the collapse of seven great empires – Mandarin China, Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Turkey, Japan, the British empire, and twice over in the case of Tsarist and Soviet Russia. The collapse of those empires has their own reasons. If, for example look to the case of the British Empire the two world wars have the bigger influence to downgrade the empire that once looked eternal and indomitable. Like wise all the other empires that once were strong and respected by the people of the world in their time have their distinctive reasons for their collapse. What is important here is that no matter how strong and influential it is likely and for sure that one day it has its end.

Immediately after the Second World War the United States and the Soviet Union emerged as the two super powers. These two super powers divided the world into two spheres of influence guided by their ideology. The Cold War era that lasted for many more decades seemed never to end. The competition to expand their ideology was so high that many lives perished in between. Wars were waged under the cover of different invented reasons while in reality were the making of those super powers simply for they want to expand their sphere of influence.

The 20th century, however, culminated with the collapse of one of the major super powers, the Soviet Union. With the collapse of the Soviet Union there comes the end of the Cold War living the world with one that calls itself the “indispensable nation”, “police of the world”, “Omni power” and many more nicknames.  To day it is every individual’s observation on how that “Omni power” is playing a role in the wider world in the name policing the world but in reality expanding its interests.

The wars it has waged in Iraq and Afghanistan; the interferences in the internal affairs in many parts of the world are considered by many, even by its own intellectuals and writers as adventurous and unnecessary. One American writer describes the behavior of the US as “The distinct American hubris that we are the ‘indispensable nation’ and the braggadocio that we are an ‘omni power’ has us overcommitted in alliance that we cannot fulfill. Despite 25 percent of the Iraq population killed, injured or displaced, the ‘world’s only super power could not control Baghdad. To deal with the pointless war we started in Afghanistan, we have had to sucker our NATO allies into a conflict that is no concern of theirs”. In assessment of the writer the US power is already diminishing due to its militarily overextended, faltering economy and collapsing currency.

According to analysts the US could no more close its trade deficit. The role of dollar is nearing an end as the world’s valuable currency. The world’s biggest commodity, oil, is priced in euros not in dollars. This trend is only a sign of the inevitable; the coming and going of an empire. And hence, the events that are taking place in the contemporary world shows us that the twenty-first century seems likely to threaten the sole remaining superpower, the United States, with nemesis.  And who knows which country or region would come out the next super power. History only will tell us.

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