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Nothing is Impossible with Hard Work and Spirit of Willingness

Nguse Amlesom Tesfaldet was born in Asmara, Abashawil area in 1988. After he studied his educational lessons in St. Marry School, he went to Kiloma to complete his National Service in 2006.  He is now playing with Denden Club of Athletics. Angesom combined with that National club which consistst 12 member’s registered remarkable mark at London Olympics. Angesom has conducted an interview with Haddas Eritrea Newspaper. The excerpts follow

How was London Olympics 2012?


As a big competition, it was not an easy game. It was a little harder for me, for it was my first time to participate in such competition.  As a matter of fact I was able to do good performance as you’ve already seen because I was marching with the proficient ones.

How did you start athletics?

Sport is something that takes place in your heart by itself.  What impressed me most was football, as most of the children in Asmara do. I used to play with the neighborhood, Abashawl Administration Area.  My friends used to motivate me to join athletics, taking my fast movement in to consideration though I was enjoying merely football.  However, I was obliged to change all my thoughts in 2004?

What happened?

2004 was the year that set unforgettable memories in the hearts of all Eritrean people in general and the sport funs in particular. It was the event that the Eritrean Athlete, Zeresenai Tadesse registered a terrific Victory in the Athens Olympics. I was really touched, and due to this remarkable success I joined athletics withholding football, in 2006.

How did you go then?

The year 2006 was the turning point of my life. I entirely joined athletics in 2006 after I went to Kiloma to complete my National Service duty.

What was the progress?

I started to participate in the competition that was arranged among units, and I stood third at a Front level.  And I continue my competition joining with the Operation Command 3.

And then?

In 2008, at the 1500 Meters competition I stood 7th, and 10th at the 21 K.M long competitions.  Taking my age and my talent in to account, my supervisors and coaches made me join the Denden Club.

Where and when did your first global race did take place?

Based on the results I have registered in all the competitions I made in the homeland, I went to Burundi in 2010, and I took 11th rank. Though it was unsatisfactory result, it was a great success for me, as it was my first experience.

How was your overall situation after your journey to Burundi?

Since then I didn’t stop from visiting different countries. I went to Italy, and then to Brazil to participate in the World Military Championship. I got a 4th rank at the 10,000 meters long race; 4th at the National Senior Competition at 5,000 meters and first place at  the 10,000 meters race and that paved my way to participate in the All African Games in Mozambique; and I stood 6th there.

You are almost the youngest member of the national club in London Olympics. So in relation to your age, what is athletics to you?

Athletics is the only sport that makes me honored and proud. It helps me discover my real self.

When did you register the result that helped you join the Olympics?

When I visited Holland in search of a manager, I got the 2nd rank at the race of 10,000 Meters I have made, and I joined the Olympics registering an “A Standard” time track.

What is the unforgettable event in your life?

The most notable day in my life is the day that brought me the opportunity to join the Olympics.

How did you express the day that you started athletics?

I could find no words to express that day. I am wordless remembering that day, for it is the event that made me aware of my talent; that introduced me and my aptitude face-to-face. In short, I can say that it is the most blessed day.

Who is your role model?

I appreciate all the athletes; however, Zeresenai Tadess is the one that I admire most.

When do you think is that time that you shoulder a heavy responsibility?

Being a person means taking a full responsibility. And you have to shoulder a heavy responsibility whenever you are in a competition on behalf of your country, especially in the occasions like Olympics. Everyone is eagerly waiting for you to win over. Even President Isaias Afwerki reminded us to become the role models of the people.

To whom would you give if you were asked to give a special award?

I would give it to my mother.

As a participant of the London Olympics, and as you get a great honor at a very short period of time, what do you want to say to the youths?

I just want to say nothing is impossible with hard work and the spirit of willingness to do it.

Thank you!

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