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I even Become More Intelligent after I Get Married

Life circles us with various challenging situations to test our courage and willingness to change it; at that moment, we don’t need to pretend that nothing has happened. There is no point in turning back or in thinking that we are not ready yet. You just need to be strong enough accepting the challenges in life, because the more you encounter with obstacles, the more glory you will get in overcoming it.  So Luwam Andom is a successful woman who creates a light in her life knowing the key to life is accepting challenges. Haddas Eritrea Newspaper has conducted a brief interview with Luwam Andom and the excerpts follow:

Can you introduce  us with yourself ?

I am Luwam Andom. I was born in 1988 in Sahil, Ararib. I took my elementary, junior and secondary studies in Keren.  At elementary, I was one of the top ten students.  I was also one of the top five students at Junior School, and one of the top three at secondary school.

In 2006, I went to Warsay Yikaealo Secondary School in Sawa to complete my 12th grade. In the National Matriculation Examination I took, I got 2 Mark, and joined College EIT. I studied Library and Information Science and successfully graduated with the highest score; 3.57 GPA.

Can you offer us something about your school life?

My parents have a good knowledge and ground about education. All my siblings have been graduated with different disciplines, for they are all clever. When I was taking my elementary lessons, my parents were taking full responsibility for my improvement and growth. I used to stand between first and fifth rank; however, the cleverness enhanced more since grade 8. Once you stated to stand first you never want to be the second some other time, you just march forward to keep on the position you are already standing; and because I was having the same self-regard and spirit, I didn’t slip from becoming the prize winner until I finished my High School studied.

Could you say that the result you got in your Matriculation exam was as you expected?

Actually, I was not satisfied. However, I successfully finished my college studies though I got the result below my expectation. If you always take things as they are, even if you meet with the most disappointing things, and that you change things for your own good, there is nothing that you can’t be successful sooner or later. And taking this in to consideration, I march forward and finally succeeded. After I took the Matriculation Examination I joined College EIT and studied Library and Information Science there. Two years later, after I completed my second year courses I got married.

Could the eagerness to learn and wedlock go side by side with no obstacle?

Of course; and I practically assured it. I am already a mother of a three year old child.

You didn’t get difficulties with your education?

I couldn’t say that I faced no obstacles, or that I didn’t face so many problems, but I could be able to tackle the problems. After I took one year’s withdrawal I continued my studies taking my child with me. It asked me a great endeavor to overcome the difficult situation; working hard with my studies, my child and also the household.  My husband and my family were always by my side that their motivation and support finally helped me reach the point of success.

Didn’t you think of postponing your marriage program until you finish your studies?

I didn’t consider of staying, for I was sure that I will continue my studies. My husband also was having the same thought; we were on the same boat.  It’s obvious to encounter so many difficulties and problems in life, for life is full of challenges, full of ups and downs, so  you had to face it, you had to tackle the affecting situations to achieve your goals.  You have to always dream that the high hill and mountain will be one day be climbed and see how low it is.

What was you preparation for the next year like when you withdrew?

I used to read different books; I didn’t stop from reading because I have a reading habit.  Reading plays a great role in the etching-learning process; the instructor leads you the way and you have to go through it, through reading.   You can only give a little information to a guest who lost the pathway he is travelling, you don’t take him to the place by yourself, and a student is just like that. The teacher only gives a guide; the rest is done by the student.

How did you carry on your studies after marriage and of course with your child?

My daughter was with me when I started my 3rd year lessons. And I had to leave her when I went to class and when I need to study. I was hard for the child so it affected the study program negatively. Alongside your studies you have to think of the child, both of the two are the most important issues of life that you should never lose. On the one hand you have to think of the way that can’t hurt the child, and of the taking a good care and control of the lessons you are taking on the other hand.

Being on this status, what progress does education make on your life or your household?

It is a great success for me, and for my family, especially my husband and my children that they could be influenced positively. Education is the turning point for a woman even if she is single. Education has a direct relationship with self-esteem. An educated person seeks for solutions at challenging conditions; he never stops trying and give up hope.

Could you brief us something about the endeavors you made to be graduated with the highest mark?

I worked harder and harder each year to elevate my grade. I got 4, full mark in four semesters, and it helped in upgrading my mark, and to be graduated with the highest score of 3.57 GPA, i.e. Great Distinction.

What is your future plan?

My dream is to take my Masters and PHD Degree. I had this vision from my childhood. And I achieve the result that could help me carry on my Master’s Degree. I am now preparing to work at College EIT as a Graduate Assistant.

What do you feel when you hear some people saying that they finished studying?

I don’t feel good. Because educating has only a beginning, it doesn’t end. It is a system which is limitless and endless.

Anything you want to say?

Well, as far as you are in this contemporary world, you have to always do your level best to satisfy and gratify yourself, in order to have a pleased and delightful life, and in order spend a happy and cheerful life span. You should never say that this is impossible and that I can’t do this and that. You should always be hopeful. Especially, women should definitely know that marriage couldn’t halt them from education.  There is a saying that elders and even illiterate people always say”  everything is as you make it” , it is certainly an inspirational saying, it  gives a clues for you to create self-confidence. And this is what I have learned and experienced in my life.

Thank you!

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