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Regular meeting of Eritrean Cabinet of Ministers underway

The regular meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers got underway today.

Asmara, 28 September 2012 – The regular meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers got underway today.

In its first agenda, the meeting held deliberations on the strategic plan regarding national development programs and their progress for 2013. It conducted detailed discussion on the programs mapped out concerning agriculture, infrastructure, investment, food security, land and water policies, sufficient energy supply, education, health, labor and human welfare, as well as mounting resistance on the diplomatic, public and media fronts, among others.

Moreover, the Ministerial Cabinet meeting conducted in-depth discussion pertaining to strategic fiscal policies, investments in various domains and action programs charted with a view to drawing up and controlling fiscal policies, in addition to the work of banks and the service they provide.

As regards efforts to bring about lasting solution to the housing issue, the meeting discussed in detail the task of constructing reliable residential complexes, besides facilities in the domains of health, education and sports, among others.

It further exchanged views concerning policy review as regards land, water and environment, controlling land use policy vis-à-vis the enforcement and handling of the pertinent laws, alongside ensuring human resource development and institutional capacity.

The Ministerial Cabinet also held discussion concerning national development within the context of sectoral strategy, implementation follow-up regarding the integration of programs and projects, besides addressing the task of international cooperation at the national and sectoral level.

After listening to reports by various Ministries, the meeting dealt with agricultural development programs. Accordingly, it reviewed on-going action programs and future prospects as regards boosting agricultural production both in quality and quantity, preservation of indigenous crops, reinforcing research activities, and thereby identify select crops that contribute to bumper harvest.

In the domain of land, water and environment, the Cabinet of Ministers conducted extensive discussion on control and follow-up of land distribution, the handling of commercial farmland, streamlining of documents pertaining to cadastral land registration, reassessment of land use, in addition to endeavors exerted towards ensuring quality of potable water supply and compiling relevant data on underground water resources. Furthermore, the meeting conducted in-depth discussion on the report presented focusing on the identification of illegal land sale.

In connection with food security programs, the Cabinet of Ministers noted the tasks undertaken in the marine sector. In this connection, it reviewed research activities conducted concerning the management of the nation’s territorial waters, the policy and regulations regarding the issuance of fishing permits, implementation of directives, especially that of raising the awareness of stakeholders as regards the country’s laws and regulations dealing with the harnessing of marine resources.

The meeting took note of the need to reinforce national capacity towards effectively tackling shortcomings in developing the marine sector. It also discussed the construction of new roads and those under renovation, as well as the construction of bridges, dams, water diversion schemes and the like.

Likewise, the Ministerial Cabinet assessed the work of the Ministry of Public Works and stressed the continuation of construction activities and implementation of projects in different parts of the country, in addition to the expansion and renovation of small and major ports, as well as design follow-up of building complexes.

Concerning the Energy and Mining sector, the meeting discussed the programs and strategies charted to ensure energy supply. Moreover, the Ministerial Cabinet, with regard to transport and communications, conducted extensive discussion on the management of road transport and improvement of freight duties in connection with air and marine transport, as well as the programs drawn up to develop the sector.

The Ministerial Cabinet meeting will continue tomorrow.

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