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Ministerial Cabinet concludes regular meeting

The two-day regular meeting of the Eritrean Cabinet of Ministers concluded today.

Asmara, 29 September 2012 – The two-day regular meeting of the Eritrean Cabinet of Ministers concluded today.

On the second day of its meeting, the Ministerial Cabinet first conducted discussion regarding the activities of the Ministry of Trade and Industry. Accordingly, it reviewed work accomplishments regarding the organization of the trade sector vis-à-vis its mandate, follow-up of domestic market and sales prices, the strengthening of the License Issuance Office, as well as other issues.

The meeting also held in-depth discussion on the compiling and distribution of information as regards the trade sector, follow-up of international trade relations and the organizing of trade fairs both inside the country and abroad, in addition to the monitoring of future programs pertaining to import and export.

The Cabinet of Ministers charted action program that would enable integration of tourism activities with other development programs, following a review of work accomplishments regarding the harnessing of the nation’s tourism resources, reinforcement of domestic and international tourism, ensuring efficient services by the sector and studies made in connection with the available resources, historical sites as well as relics, besides the implementation of investment ventures in the sector.

As regards the activities dealing with national development, the meeting heard a report focusing on the integration of development plans and strategies on the part of all ministries with that of the overall national development strategy. It also mapped out a plan focusing on the upgrading of the people’s standard of living and conducted deliberations as regards policies dealing with international cooperation and partnership.

Furthermore, the Council of Ministers noted the need for effective development and management of human resource capacity, the fostering of partnership with academic institutions, the expansion of information and communication technology facilities and the upgrading of professional as well as technical education both in scope and quality – all in the domain of education. In this connection, the Ministerial Cabinet meeting further discussed the supply of text books and development of a new curriculum, besides accomplishments and future prospects to this end.

The meeting also mapped out action program aimed at creating a conducive environment that would enable citizens to acquire the necessary skills, in addition to expanding human resource development on the basis of effective strategy.

Regarding the task of ensuring social welfare and creation of job opportunities, the Cabinet of Ministers noted the need to enhance endeavors towards achieving self-sufficiency through pursuing persistent policies that give rise to the avoidance of dependency.
Concerning the administration of justice, it conducted discussion on matters pertaining to the strengthening of community magistrates, endeavors exerted in the development of human resource capacity, as well as the streamlining of division of labor and the reinforcement of the work of judicial institutions, among others.

Pertaining to media activities, the Ministerial Cabinet meeting held in-depth discussion regarding the reinforcement of media work both in quality and scope, the strengthening of programs content-wise, the ensuring of regional impact on the basis of introducing modern equipment, besides its contribution in providing added impetus to the task of putting up staunch resistance against hostile conspiracies at the public, diplomatic and regional level.

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