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Discipline: The Dignifying Decorum

Eritrea’s history and that of other nations stand witness that any society ensures security and development in this viciously competitive world only on its own capacity. In such circumstances, it remains an inescapable condition for Eritrea to acquire superior capacity and competency in the effort to independently march forward via the avenue of development, growth and peace.

The competence of any given society can be defined in terms of three conceptual pillars: consciousness, organization and arms. The mainstay of the secret, however, lies primarily in noble discipline—adamant discipline, which engenders psychological competencies and willpower. Apart from the unparalleled steadfastness in the set goal, the EPLF fought against enemies with all-round superior capacity, and persevered to achieve the independence of Eritrea through consummate discipline and political consciousness.

In order for Eritrea to climb the ladder of development, peace and stability in the envisioned manner, every citizen needs to make headway through the course traversed thus far. Every citizen ought to brace himself for arduous discipline—which in return heightens political and psychological consciousness, organizational capacity and work ethic that transform into collective force, as well as organization and effectively armed discipline to guaranteeing national security. To this end, all Eritrean compatriots inside the country and in the Diaspora are expected in this new chapter to live up to this historic appeal with a view to scoring economic accomplishment both collectively and individually.

Indeed, the inevitable onus rests on every citizen to forge ahead collectively, mold the culture of giving primacy to the nation, morph popular consciousness into concrete and yet invincible organizational discipline, as well as to ensure its existence and continuation through development, peace and stability, and thus, foster work ethic, commitment, competencies and discipline. The role institutions of the Front and Government play can be defined as the wheels of economic growth.

Premised on the fundamental institutional standards—lean, clean, efficient and effective values—Eritrea needs to heighten its capabilities, constantly enhance educational and vocational competencies, and above all, nurture discipline that cherishes the participation of the majority. Since participation of the entire population gives rise to collective dexterity, such ingenuity coupled by mental and physical skills of every citizen shall bring about collective force. The exclusive path of dignity and accomplishment for Eritrea to realize its grand vision is but the course through which the country already traversed towards supreme emancipation. As discipline is the dignifying decorum, only through this course shall the country guarantee shelter under impregnable shield.

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