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Third Mining Conference opens here

The Third Mining Conference opened today at Asmara Palace Hotel.

Asmara, 2 October 2012 – The Third Mining Conference opened today at Asmara Palace Hotel.

Reports indicate that around 350 participants who include Eritrean government officials, envoys of various nations, investors, mining experts, diplomats, as well as new and mining companies in operation are taking part in the conference which would continue until October 6.

After welcoming the participants of the conference, Mr. Ahmed Haj Ali, Minister of Energy and Mines, said that mineral resources are the patrimony of the whole nation, and that the sector’s sustainable development on the basis of integration with the national economy and the circumventing of its finite nature is the cherished goal. He further pointed out that Eritrea’s national development strategy as regards the sector is aimed at encouraging diversified investments that ensure optimum exploration, extraction, processing and marketing of the mineral deposits vis-à-vis putting greater emphasis on the socio-economic and environmental impact of the industry.

The Minister further expressed conviction that economic integration of the Arabian Nubian Shield Region along with collaboration is one of the ways to remove barriers to mineral-based industrialization and facilitate the development of linkages, and thus achieving the sustainable mutual development objectives.

Mr. Kamal Abdullateef, Minister of Mineral Resources of the Republic of Sudan, and Sultan Jamal Shawli, Deputy Minister for Mineral Resources of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, gave briefings pertaining to the experience of their respective countries in mineral development vis-à-vis the challenges.

The opening session of the conference also featured an exhibition by the mining companies operating in Eritrea and the concerned service organizations, reports added.

The five-day conference would also include excursions to mining and other significant sites in Eritrea.

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