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Third Mining Conference concludes

The Third Mining Conference in Asmara concluded yesterday.

Asmara, 4 October 2012 – The Third Mining Conference in Asmara concluded yesterday.

Various research papers were presented at the conference in which 350 participants took part, including envoys of various nations, investors, mining experts, diplomats, as well as new and mining companies in operation.

Accordingly, it dealt with the potential of mineral resources in Eritrea, preservation and use of minerals, the comparative advantage of potash findings in the country, activities by the mining projects of Bisha and Zara, as well as the exploration activity around Debarwa town, besides the incidence of volcanic eruption and mining opportunities it creates.

The conference also provided a forum to discuss the proper harnessing of the Arabian Nubian Shield Region which is progressively drawing mining interest. The participants conducted extensive discussion on future prospects of the region vis-à-vis the available potash potential, feasible income of the respective countries in this regard, the technology they are applying and the ways and means it could be transferred, in addition to the issues of environmental safety.

Moreover, a number of mining company managers expressed conviction that Eritrea is in a position to draw the attention of several mining and exploration companies thanks to the resources it is endowed with and the prevalence of peace in the country. They also said that it would attain higher capacity as regards mining in line with the enormous investment it is making in human resource development.

Meanwhile, the participants of the Third Mining Conference are engaged in excursions to mining, exploration and tourism sites that would last until October 6.

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