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The Key To The Success Of The Eritrean People (Part VIII)

Precious Values

The worth and significance of a people is not measured by its size or number of natural resources, but by the social values it possesses. And a people with precious values remains strongly united, highly valued and most of all respected.

The Eritrean people is the proud owner of precious values that not only guide its path like a compass, but also add further significance, glory, and strengthen its unity. And it because of such values that the Eritrean people has been able to live resolute and respected in an unjust world characterized by defiance of the rule of law and violation of human rights.

The values are, beyond a philosophical perspective, the corner stone for the very existence of the Eritrean people. Different scholars might give different definitions of values of a society. As such, the values of the people of Eritrea can be termed as the sixth sense, deeply inculcated in the culture and traditions of the society.

The Eritrean people have different values that serve as guiding beacons. Persistence in intended objectives, commitment, unity, love for a nation, life through hard work, sacrifice for the truth and justice, cooperation, self reliance, among others are some of the precious values of the Eritrean society.

When the Eritrean people was deprived of its rightful independence, an action taken to accommodate the needs of a selfish world order, begging was not an option. Instead, it chose to fight for it, consequently paying heavy sacrifices to restore and preserve its dignity. And after a long struggle, it managed to overcome western and eastern superpowers and crown itself with victory.

What enabled the Eritrean people to singlehandedly face world superpowers, overcome obstacles and emerge victorious during the bitter liberation struggle was not the size of its arsenal or army; it was rather its precious values. These values, which are the secret weapons of Eritreans, were also highly instrumental in foiling the war declared in 1998 under the pretext of a border conflict and preserving the nation’s sovereignty.

These values also create a sustainable momentum for the Eritrean people in its relentless efforts to build a developed and prosperous Eritrea, avoiding individualism and overcoming momentary hardships. And as a result, Eritreans have accomplished significant development endeavors to provide equitable distribution of social services and necessary infrastructures.

Seen from this perspective, our values, which we use to rebuff hostilities, surmount difficult periods and undertake our development endeavors, are the foundations of our existence and victory. And as such, we should look after and preserve them.

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