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Conscious And Organized People, Who Attained The Key To Development

Human capital is the greatest asset of any given nation. What makes human aspect an unequaled asset is that humankind is merely the fount of resources and ingenuity. Yet, Central position is accorded not to the quantity, but rather to the quality of human resources. Since the grandeur of societies counts upon solidarity and organization, however, this quality asset is essentially determined by the way it is organized.

In view of this benchmark, Eritrea is blessed to have a people whose culture and values are still intact; who espouses strong solidarity, reflects collectively and is devoted to a common cause; a conscious, organized and ever-armed people who envisions prospects, as well as who is noted for discipline and commitment. The era we are in is characterized by hedonistic qualities and chaotic cultural bankruptcy that corrode identity and values of origins into decay. The fact that Eritrea takes due pride inhighly disciplined and organized people, who exerts strenuous endeavors for the nation’s development under such political stability and security cultured by the said grand social values guarantees the country’s very bright future.

Needless to say, nationhood is the most significant grouping in the endeavor to realize civilization through proper harnessing of natural and human resources. The key to civilization is but collective reflection and endeavors to a common cause. Accordingly, organization and unity is but the pinnacle of consciousness of humankind.

Organization and adamant discipline are thus factors that exponentially multiply the resources for civilization. Having achieved collective reflection and strong unity, the Eritrean people is already in the verge of attaining the secret for civilization and prosperity. In retrospect, Eritrea’s previous journey has practically witnessed the synergic effect that stems from consciousness, organization and discipline. Indeed, the aforementioned experience has not only been a kernel of our national exploits and glorious history, but also is, as per the standard of civilization set by many nations, scoring impressive accomplishments in the national development drive.

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