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Mr.Tesfay Haile
Mr. Tesfay Haile was born in Asmara in 1970 and he lived his life in Asmara. He is now actively working as a teacher. A job he immensely loves and he does with his heart and soul. He says that “teaching is a very challenging occupation but the most rewarding job ever”.

-Let’s start with the very first ventures of your carrier.

It all started back in 1988 when I took a year long teaching course in the teachers association, after that I took my first steps in “Sela’e Daero” elementary school. I later on started working in Asmara as I started teaching in “Felege Hiwet” elementary school. Ever since the very first day I decided that my life time goal as a teacher was to help my kids get high marks and all the virtues, morals and excellence that students should have.

-That sounds interesting, how could you achieve that goal of yours?

It may sound easy but it’s definitely not, I believe that every thing should start from the base… that is why I took special care and accuracy in the students of the first three grades. It’s the time in which you could definitely go deep in their minds and discover their potential and help them use it well. Amazingly enough there were a lot of cases in which my students would surprise me out of my expectation.

-What is your secret?

There is no such thing as a secret, it all rides in the method that is used and most importantly in the effort, interest and dedication one puts in the profession. As far as I know though teaching requires a lot of determination, because honestly, if you think about it; working with a child mind is very delicate. You got to know the factors that the kids like… I personally use a lot of colorful things and a lot of animation, the kids would end up thinking of it as a game, with time studying would be fun then it wouldn’t bother them dedicating more hours in studying.

-More hours? Wouldn’t they get bored?

No! Never! I mean they could get tired, of course. That’s only natural so it’s very normal. But then again if they think of the whole thing as game… there are no worries. What I like the most though is the fact that they saw me as some kind of an “older best friend”.

-Meaning that there is some kind of bondage between you and your students…

Well yeah, I give them freedom in talking to me freely. Even if they sometimes make me mad I restrain my self from scolding them, I try to make them understand what they did wrong and how they should learn from their mistakes, so that they wouldn’t repeat the same mistake over and over again.

-I bet there were a lot of people and organizations that noticed that you are a very unique teacher. What is your reward?

I received an award of “best teacher” and some cash. In addition a lot of parents are always willing to help me money wise. But I always refused and I always will.

-But why?

Because I believe I could get to achieve a great glory when I see my kids doing well in their studies. Money and every materialistic thing out there in not eternal, it may make you happy for the moment but I get to have along lasting happiness and satisfaction so it’s not worth it.

-Where are you currently working?

In “Tsaeda Christian” elementary school.

-And am guessing you still using your teaching methods…

Definitely, as I told you my main aim is and always will be to help the kids in owning the right method in studying and to love what they do. If they love it once they’re going to see the importance of it for ever.

-What about the students, do they like you likewise?

Yes. They do. Most importantly I like the fact that the parents approve of my teaching procedures in fact at home they help their kids, and that’s a big help for the teachers.

-Is there anything you would like to add before we end our interview?

Well, there are so many teachers out there that are really like their jobs; they do it right and they bring up good people out of our kids, so I want to thank them.

-Well good luck, we wish you success in your carrier and thanks for being here.

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