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Strong Foundation for Sustainable Development

The primary culprit for the mayhem and chaos we are now witnessing in the so-called industrialized world and the developing nations is but the unjust and vicious greed of a minority with vested interests. Whereas progress that does not take root in justice is by no means guaranteed, the sole and yet lasting solution for the said problem remains the forging of a civilized ethos that fosters social justice and peaceful coexistence.

Cognizant of this fact, the people and Government of Eritrea have from the outset given prominence in A National Charter for Eritrea to the establishment of a political and economic system that ensures social justice. Guaranteeing equal rights and opportunities is the basis for social justice. Any attempt to secure justice devoid of equal rights and opportunities amounts to a fiasco.

The Government of Eritrea is a leadership entrusted to live up to the popular aspiration, which is achieved with dear sacrifices. In order for the popular vision to come to fruition, the Government pursues the strategy of ensuring equality in all aspects of life of the people. In light of this fact, wide-ranging national development programs are being implemented to satisfy the aspiration of the entire people, as well as to ensure equitable economic growth, thereby narrowing the gap between the periphery and the center.

Needless to say, capital cities of many nations are the hub for economic and trade activities, infrastructure facilities and construction undertakings. The reality in Eritrea, however, is the reverse. Every bit of human and material resources is now deployed in every corner of the nation, particularly in areas that were marginalized due to colonial policies, so as to effect radical change through major development projects.

The fact that economic growth of Eritrea is equitable and proportional throughout the nation as opposed to present circumstances in many places around the globe lays the groundwork for lasting development to posterity. Indeed, it is the desire of every Eritrean citizen far and wide to jointly march forward through the avenue of development and live in harmony under the aegis of equal rights. As equality is the basis for justice and justice in turn the key to national unity and sustainable development, the Government of Eritrea, whose development strategy stems from the aforementioned vision, has thus far scored impressive accomplishments towards the putting in place of strong foundations for such civilized social livelihood.

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