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The Economics of Investment for Prosperity and Dignity (Part II)

Understanding what the idea of economics of investment, we can be conscious that wealth is basically acquired by already existing. If we exist as nation definitely we are going to grow. Keeping our stability and national security, we are able to grow. Because, we see that one of the main causes of economic problem in the world is losing national dignity.  So, we don’t need to add some thing new. What we require is to look behind and explore our tradition and propel it via technological means.

Of course, we have no economic problem. We are rich people. What we need to do is to invest in our country. Especially, we need to invest according to the norms of the people. If we want to invest in the way we see in the world, our tradition never allows us and does not have grace. In order to find economic returns, we have one choice. That is to be ready to share what we have. As investor, if we use the protections of new knowledge through patent rules and the transfer of the same knowledge in to geographical areas through tariffs protection, these are simple justifications that blur what we think. If we organize our knowledge together, if we understand the creation and geographic spread of new knowledge through the instigation of imperfect competition, we are very good people to communicate in the idea of economics of investment for prosperity and dignity.

Besides, if we compete, there is no winner. If we compete, competition has no winners. We only lose our infrastructure, civilization and abundance. If we have keen notice what competition is, we can easily define what neo colonialism and Capitalism and Darwinian Theory is. As remedy, the first strategy we need to understand the relationship between economics of investment and prosperity and dignity is by ‘decolonization of economic theory’. Meaning that we need to have our own economic strategy in collaboration with our national choices.

Further more, what we need to know with economics of investment is that we need to stop being primitive. The economic theories we have been getting through different organizations, are making us poorer and poorer. We either do it out of ignorance, or they do it purposely. Or a combination of these two factors. With this fashion, what ever educational excellence we get, we will never grow. Under systematic development aide or scholarship, we will see we turn into welfare colonialism because, most of the ideas we have learned is from standard texts books which study about poverty. They are encircled in the study of poverty which in turns produces poverty. Therefore, being spinning in the context of standard text books of economics helps us be poorly participant in this gracious world.

If we see wisely what I am telling in the above explanation in defining economics of investment, I would like to negate with the idea division of labor, because I want to change that tern to team work. Meaning that in the middle of this idea of division of labor, there is loop hole to break us our coordination. We should not be play ground to be exploited in the theories of comparative advantages. Yes that comparative advantage does not help us grow. Instead, we need to campaign to have multiple professions in order to have multi economic sources. If we increase our dependence, we are prone to be poor. Therefore, making ourselves participate in multiple professions and competitiveness, definitely, we are guarantors of our peace like we are.

Deeper from this, since we are diversified societies, our diversity is precondition to development, because it increases returns, has synergy effects, selects between technologies, products, and organizational solutions, and creates tolerance. As we increase our consciousness, we can be subconscious (enlightened) in welfare colonialism and governing at a distance. Eventually, we will be free from being led from far. We can go beyond Millennium Development Goals.

Having this wide and clean knowledge of economics, our nation will have full of synergy to drive economic integration initiative. Above all, economics is about cannibalizing the existing organic solidarity. Economics should not only be capital and labor, but also it encompasses education, research, development and technological change which then instigate regional innovation system and regional weal. We can also be enlightened to solve our problems without involving third party.  
Yes if we are not fed with this negotiation, our economy is not being split up. The competitions we see in the world are simply to curve us up.

Very importantly, what the economics of investment for prosperity and dignity gives us advantage is that it helps us recruit enthusiastic professionals and praise strong and dynamic citizens not to incubate colonial ideas but cannibalize existing economies.

Eritrea endures the last ten years challenges of imposition. But this approach helps us own our free economic and political choice. It helps us penetrate new markets. It helps us construct strategic roads, international Air ports, agro industrial projects, mining initiatives, national colleges, what have you. Eventually, it helps us stay live in peace.

Collectively, the best strategic why Eritrea reaches in this level of self-reliant economic progress is that we make our youth participate in the nation building process. Making the youth participate in the nation building process helps us secure our youth and direct their energy to accentuate the positive elements.

Similarly, since our nation has common customs and emotions towards harmony, our nature is the same every where, and our people certainly holds the same right and wrong views on the things that stimulate our senses and arouses our imaginations the most, we should seek prosperity and dignity to transcend ourselves, transcend history, seek consensus, achieve breakthroughs and head for common security. We also transcend the narrow view on our resources, on our cultural history and provide an enlightening theoretical system for scientifically understanding the course of the national development. What ever differences happen, we have customary to open up communication channels in order to solve it by scientific methods, by broadening our visions.

Finally, and having kept this in our mind, in the behavioral perspectives, economics of investment for prosperity and dignity is behavioral agreement. According to cognitive approach, economics of investment is defined as a perceived convergence of interest, not defined as a perceived divergence of interest. As Chinese say: “The Sea refuses on river, hence its bigness,” we investors to be prosperous and dignified, we need to know that the continuity and richness of our nation is largely the result of the accommodating and inclusive traits of our convergence of interests.  Using this convergence of interest, we help our people and our nation to enable our broad vision candid and sincere.

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