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“I grew up surrounded by arts”

artist Nigisti Zeweldi
Born in the late 80s, Nigisti Zeweldi, is an artist that loves arts wildly. She is better known by her nickname “Titty” and she is a mother of two. We invited her to tell us more about the sublime love she has towards arts.

-Thanks for being here. So you are an artist…

Yes I am. I am a painter. I am so in to realistic, abstract and modern arts. I usually paint when I get an instant idea so I sometimes get to be a realist painter, in fact we had a contest in 2010 at the American Embassy and as one of the winners I went to Horn of Africa where I presented a big (20m x 20m) and very realistic yet modern paint titled “the abuse of Africa”, and sometimes I get immersed in the abstract world of arts.

-Have you ever had any exhibitions?

Yeah, a lot of times. Three times in “Mirara Art School”, I even participated in the Sawa Festivals, every and each of them ever since it started and in so many other occasions, in few words I use every chance that comes on the way.

-You’re also a designer, right?

True. I designed the stage for the “Shingruwa Singing Contest” and I have been active in the designing of interiors and exteriors for different hotels, restaurants and bars.

-Seems like you do quite everything… anything else?

Well, I am also a teacher, I give painting courses.

-Who helped you in developing your talents?

At school, that’s where I learned everything. I think that “May Tesfa” school was a stepping stone of my life. It was since then that I had a clear picture of my future; I knew that I was going to live with art.

-Isn’t having a lot of jobs a bit stressing? Many people would think that being that multifunctional could lead one to failure, as it will be too much to handle all in one and at once.

I totally disagree. Because it’s truly a blessing to be good in so many things. You just have to own the right administration. One got to know how to handle and manage a very constant approach to the jobs. In point of fact, it could actually be fun to have flexibility in between professions.

-Should we talk about your childhood? Do you remember baby Titty?

I totally do!!! I grew up surrounded by art. I was breathing arts; my heart would beat for it. Honestly, I wouldn’t find a reason but it was all that could think of when I was a kid. I loved drawing animals. I always have a big smile and a blushy face if I go back to the remembrance of me as a child.

-What can you see in the future Titty?

My dream and my life time desire is to open up an “Art Institute” in which my students could appreciate the same and even more beauty of art that I had. It will definitely be a school that will give chances to those who think that they cannot afford such a thing.

-That’s amazing. It’s a good dream right there.

I’ll make it happen.

-I hope so too. Good luck with everything and thanks again for your time.

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