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The mystery behind a pen and a hand

Handwriting analysis is an astonishingly precise way to go in-depth insight into someone’s personality and current emotional state. It might take years of study and analyzes of hundreds, if not thousands, of writing samples. It’s believed that it’s a very accurate way that needs a deep study of a few basic components of handwriting. Looking at the size, shape and baseline of someone’s handwriting can lead us to a quick examination of their private and public identity.

Handwriting analysis, or graphology, could be defined as the science involved in producing a personality profile of the writer by examining the characteristics, traits and strokes of an individual’s handwriting. I thought that it was quite banal and one of the hallucinations created by mankind; how would craft letters and words indicate more than 5,000 different personality traits??? But truth is that a trained graphologist can gather an astonishing amount of information about the writer just from analyzing their handwriting. Besides creating a complete personality profile, many other things are revealed in our handwriting, such as health issues, morality, past experiences, hidden talents, mental problems and so many other aspects of our lives. The main reason is because our brain guides our hand. Everything put on paper is a result of a two-way circuit between our brain and the reflex muscles of our hand.

Let’s roughly see how it works: when analyzing writing style, first look at the handwriting in general, observe well just like you would observe a painting. Take a specific gaze and note of the most unsettled characters and try to get a general feeling of the writer according to how the words are positioned, their size or ligature. Then, determine the emotional energy of the writer. This is the most important factor of the personality of the writer. The emotional energy, which is a combination of physical and mental energy level, has a direct impact on every other trait displayed in the handwriting. Emotional energy is determined by how much pressure the writer uses when he writes. If you examine the writing you can determine how much pressure was used by how “dark” the writing is. Also, if you turn the page over and feel the underside you can feel how much pressure was used. Writers with heavy pressure are usually highly successful. They have a lot of vitality and their emotional experiences last for a long time. Writers who write with average pressure are usually moderately successful and usually have enough energy to make it through the day. Those with light pressure try to avoid energy draining situations.

The slant is the second indicator to look for. The slant indicates the writer’s emotional response to external forces. A right slant (////) signals one who responds strongly to emotional situations. They are caring, warm and outgoing– their heart rules their mind. A vertical slant (llll) writer tries to keep their emotions in check– mind rules their heart. A left slant writer (\\\\) will conceal their emotions and is observed as cold and indifferent.

There are many steps involved in generating a wide-ranging personality outline; after all I think that it is indeed a very wide philosophical compound. Using these first two steps though can be a beginning in putting together our own “profile” which can be useful in both personal and professional relationships.
Try writing and analyzing your own lettering… I had fun in doing mine!!!

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