Business is booming.

Investors reward: Expeditious implementation of revised policy

“If the new policy enters into effect soon enough, it would definitely help accelerate the implementation of the envisaged investment program,” was a remark made by the participant of the second national investment conference held recently. What such a remark indicates is that they are encouraged more than ever and very eager to see it happen with the efforts they would exert.

What impressed the investors most is that each respective region of the country have given them briefings of the potential investment areas that covered the opportunities along the challenges.

Procedures of license permit, efficient transfer of money from and to the country, proving timely information and other necessary assistance are expected to be Government’s incentives to the potential investors.

What they all said was everything was beyond what they expected.  All the presentations were very constructive from which everybody could get a clue of the overall programs that have been charted out to facilitate such development engagement.

Every Eritrean would see a radical change in the development of every sector. As every Eritrean is eager to see this happen, what is expected is timely implementation of the investment policy so as to accelerate it as much as possible. “By the time of the realization of such far sighted vision, the yet to be carried out investment would stabilize the sky rocketing price in the market,” is the view point of the investing nationals.

The industry sector is among the sectors that have not yet been exploited much. According to  Mr. Estifanos Hbate, the Minister of Trade and Industry, manufacturing of construction materials, assembling of electrical and electronic equipment, manufacturing of medicine, chemicals production among others are among the potential investment opportunities.

Speaking about the significance of the investment conference most of the participants said that if such conference had been conducted earlier, by now they would have discussed about tangible achievements. Better late than never! Huge achievements can be made with what is expected to be implemented soon.

Working together along their fellow Eritreans, the investing nationals could make a difference. “It was a very promising conference and if all nationals inside the country and in diaspora work in collaboration, we could make a great leap towards huge achievement.” said the participants of the second national investment conference.

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