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“Reading makes one wiser”

-We first extend our warm congratulations, we now we have anew doctor.

(Laugh). Thanks and thanks for having me here.

-It’s our pleasure; let’s start off with a little chat about your childhood.

When I was a kid I didn’t have anyone to play with, I literally had no friends. So I spent all of my time reading and fooling around with my alphabets. Main reason of why I knew how to read and write before I even went to school. After that I remember how good I was at school, because I was always surrounded by my books, I didn’t have clue of the world outside my books and studies… maybe it’s because I learned to be social way long after I grew up.

-When you were a child, what did you want to become as an adult?

I always wanted to be a doctor and now I am! In fact through out all of my high school years I always was attracted by science, I always scored high in biology and chemistry.

-So you said you are a good reader, you like to read what?

I read to be entertained but I also read to learn, so I read a lot of books that have to do with my ambiance. I give reading a metaphoric explanation: just like food is a source of energy to the body reading is the spring of an endless liveliness to the human mind.

-Usually, children tend to be good at school to impress and make proud their parents. Were you of this kind or you actually were studying because you understood the importance of education?

Honestly I think that is hard to find kids that actually know the greatness of knowledge, I was studying so hard to amaze my parents, I liked to see them being proud of me. But then of course when I grew up I worked even harder when I understood that it was all for my sake.

-Tell us about you as a student in the Orota Medical School.

Wow… it was a very hard journey; it requires interest and most importantly a lot of dedication. Many times during the exams I would just get to sleep for a couple of hours. There were a very few periods in which I was ready to give up but lucky me I never did, thanks to my family’s, professor’s and friends’ support.

-Where is your next step headed to? Now that school is over.

I remember one day our professor told me to not overjoy our achievements because a doctor is always a student. What he meant was that even if you get certified the field requires a continuous update.

-Do you think that maybe one day doctors won’t be needed no more because technology is taking almost over everything?

No way! Technology is something that human beings created but still there is something that it cannot take over. It’s beautiful to have a lot of technological equipment as a doctor but still being a doctor is a very intimate jaunt.

-One last question; what are your future plans or desires? What do you want to do in the near future?

I definitely desire to deepen my knowledge. I will never for once seize my excursion in knowing more and help people with the little I know.

-Very modest of you, we wish you well.

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