Business is booming.

Administrator of Anseba region calls on businesses provided with accommodations to strive to meet local demand

Keren, 26 January 2013 – The Administrator of Anseba region, Mr. Gergis Girmai, has called on new businesses who were provided with accommodations in Keren city to strive to meet local demand. He made the call at an assessment meeting conducted to this end during which it was stated that the beneficiaries should focus on low profit margin so as to meet local demand at fair prices.

Moreover, Mr. Gergis presented guidelines as regards the terms and condition of the accommodations. The beneficiaries on their part commended the initiative taken by the regional Administration to encourage business activities, and put forth views regarding various issues.

The regional Administrator also advised the beneficiaries to make judicious utilization of Bank credits, and asserted that the Administration would sustain its collaboration with them.


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