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Inhabitants of Tsedadu-Kushet village construct fence for Elementary School

Asmara, 26 January 2013 – The inhabitants of Tsedadu-Kushet village, Central region, constructed a fence for the new Elementary School there through extending a total of 380,000 Nakfa and mobilizing labor. They further expressed satisfaction with the service the school is rendering.

Mr. Mehari Zerai, Administrator of the village, explained that students, including those in the vicinities, are in a position to save time and energy in line with the putting in place of the school. Mr. Kidane Kifle, a member of Parents Committee in the school, indicated that active popular participation was witnessed in the process, and voiced the community’s readiness to collaborate with the school’s administration.

Mr. Alazar Abraha, director of the school, asserted that the role of the community was significant in upgrading its capacity, and pointed out that its fencing has provided a conducive environment for scholastic activities.


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