Business is booming.

ENWVA registers significant accomplishments in 2012

Asmara, 28 January 2013 – The Eritrean National War-disabled Veterans Association (ENWVA) indicated that it has registered significant accomplishments last year. It made the statement at an assessment meeting during which it was stated that various rehabilitation programs were carried out at a total expenditure of 18 million Nakfa, while 681 Association members became beneficiaries of Micro-credit and Savings Program.

Following the presentation of reports, the Association’s Assembly noted ways and means of ensuring conducive environment for synergism among businesses owned by groups of ENWVA members. They further put forth views regarding reinforcement of training and expansion of internet facilities for management, among others.

Moreover, Mr. Gebrebirhan Eyasu, Chairman of the Association, presented its action program for 2013 which is pertinent to the compiling of a six-year report, carrying out health check-up for members, preparations for the 4th Conference, seeking prospects for new projects and reinforcing assessment mechanisms targeting the impact of rehabilitation activities. Accordingly, the Association is due to construct office accommodations in Barentu and Tesenei cities.


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