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Hagaz sub-zone: Further endeavors described vital regarding the nurturing of cultural values

Hagaz, 28 January 2013 – The PFDJ branch in Hagaz sub-zone indicated that further endeavors should be exerted with a view to nurturing cultural values. It made the remark at a seminar in which health and development issues were also addressed.

Heading the seminar, Mr. Ateshim Negasi, head of the branch office, called on the inhabitants to raise their awareness regarding various health issues and thereby step up participation in the process of combating communicable and non-communicable diseases, as well as harmful customary practices. Moreover, he pointed out that the role of the inhabitants in general and that of farmers in particular should be significant in such development ventures like preparation of farmland and soil and water conservation.

The participants of the seminar on their part voiced readiness to back up the national development drive, and put forth views pertaining to several issues.

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