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Keren Municipal administration to back up community undertakings

Keren, 28 January 2013 – The Municipal administration of Keren city indicated that it would back up community-based development undertakings. It made the statement at an assessment meeting during which Mr. Tekie Keleta, Mayor of the city, disclosed that more gratifying accomplishments have been registered, including that of ensuring up-to-date and organized information system.

The Municipal administration further assessed that remarkable impact has been made pertaining to education and health services, in addition to the paying of 6 million Nakfa donated by nationals to needy fellow citizens. It also indicated that various infrastructural facilities have been put in place in the city, besides the renovation of others.

Accordingly, the role of community initiatives was significant in soil and water conservation and other similar ventures, the activities of which are expected to get reinforced this year. Furthermore, the participants of the meeting put forth views pertaining to various issues.

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