Business is booming.

“I was the happiest while working on the statue of Gel’alo”

-Might as well start with introducing your self to our readers.

My name is Frezghi Fisaha, am a participant of 9th round National Service. And I am an artist: I paint and work with sculptures.

-When and how did you start being an artist?

Well I wasn’t born with it or something like that, in time I found out that I had talent so I practiced like mad in addition I starting taking art courses.

-When was your official debut?

My debut as an artist was the day I exhibited my sculpture in Gel’alo. It weights 35kilos. My partners came up with the idea and we had a great outcome. I think I would rank it first out all of my works. Especially because it carries a deep meaning, it’s mainly an attribute to Warsay Yika’alo. The new generation of our country that is standing vigilant to defend our sovereignty and shading sweat on building the country.

-It’s surely a statute that touched the hearts of many people. How do you feel about it?

I was the happiest while working with the statue of Gel’alo, the excitement I felt was supreme… it’s a sublime feeling that I would never find words to explain it all… its massive!

-It was also your very first work. Did you expect to have this big of attention on your first try out?

No actually. I knew that it carried a big meaning but artistically I thought I was going to score less. At the end I was surprised by the outcomes, it was honestly a great job. In fact I would like to use this opportunity to thank all of the people that helped me in so many ways. I think with out them I wouldn’t have been able to get this far.

You also wok actively in the annual festivals of Asmara.

Yes I do. I participate in the carnivals with the administration of Tsetserat.

-What else?

Well, in general I work quite in every chance I get: festivals, carnivals and special occasions.

-Mind if you tell our readers about your robotic sculpture?

With pleasure! It was back in 2010 and there were manifestations on how to keep our environment clean and help Mother Nature be as pure as ever. And I had then an Idea of a sculpture of a lady cleaning the environment.

-The robotic sculpture has also a lot of facial expressions.

Yeah it has lot of electronically composed movements not only in the facial expressions actions but also in a lot of different arrangements in the whole body actions.

-How about your future plans?

Nothing worked out. I know that I am going to work harder to upgrade my skills and talent; I truly hope that will always match my works with the taste and expectations of the public.

-Any words before we end our interview?

I simply want to thank all of the people that helped me through out my works.

-We truly thank you for being here with us. We wish success.

My pleasure!

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