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Eritrea’s Unwavering Stance In Resolving Regional Problems

With due regard for political and security developments in many parts of Africa, the people and Government of Eritrea have on a number of occasions put forward views on and propositions to the genesis and evolution of the status quo in the Horn of Africa–which they are well aware of–especially that of Somalia and the two Sudans. Eritrea has once again asserted its long-standing principle at the 20th AU Summit along these lines.

Somalia. 1. Power vacuum created over the past two decades in Somalia has constituted a major regional and international problem. Since 2006, incessant military interventions by external forces in the country has not only spawned grave security and humanitarian crisis, but also has exasperated and complicated Somalia’s problem further. Consequently, the instability inside the country, transcending the hinterland, has had grave impact on the Indian Ocean and off the coast of Somalia, thereby causing serious international concerns. The aftermath of such hackneyed external interference in internal political process is nothing but chaos and anarchy. Having cast light on the looming repercussions in advance, the Government of Eritrea has repeatedly been urging to leave the Somali issue for the Somalis themselves, and if it be the goodwill of the international community, to genuinely encourage an all-inclusive national reconciliation and the reconstitution of a united Somalia without meddling in the country’s internal affairs.

As the outcome of the erroneous propensity becomes practically evident, the admirable rectitude of Eritrea’s stance is now proven vindicated. Yet again, Eritrea emphasizes on the fact that the sole solution to the aforementioned problem is but respecting sovereignty, territorial integrity, independence and unity of the Somali nation. In order to safeguard these sacrosanct principles of international law and pillars of AU Constitutive Act, Eritrea urges for the Government of President Hasan Sheikh Mahmoud to create conducive environment for an all-inclusive peace and reconciliation Conference that allows the participation of all citizens of Somalia and for him to lead the Conference to its final and proper conclusion.

Sudan and South Sudan. 2. Apart from internal factors, the contemporary state of affairs that has already divided the brotherly peoples of Sudan, as well as the sensitive scenario currently flaring up strife in many parts of the country is chiefly ascribed to scheming intervention by external forces. The policy all so-called interested parties have been pursuing in the Sudan has been the imposition of externally prescribed remedy. It is to be recalled that Eritrea, in the face of such erroneous policies, has time and again been urging the handling of matters by the respective parties.

As the current approach of internationalizing the issue between Sudan and South Sudan only complicates the problem rather than bringing about solutions, the long-term interests of the peoples of the two countries should be given prominence over and above any other interest. To this end, a holistic approach must be pursued to create an environment for the achievement of a genuine and mutually acceptable solution, as well as to resolve the problem in an effective and sustainable manner. Quick fixes and unnecessary pressures on the parties should be avoided.

As stated above, if Eritrea’s principled stance on resolving regional problems were unwavering yesterday, so are unshakable today. Thus, the people and Government of Eritrea as ever reiterate readiness to contribute positive role for the realization of genuine initiatives and efforts that are oriented towards a lasting solution.

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