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GIS and PR: Essential tools for implementing development programs

Research based implementation of development programs is mainly assisted with Geographic Information System (GIS) and disseminated through Public Relations (PR). Even though these two fields are independent and have difference in nature, they are necessity requisites for making sets of information available to project implementers.

Thus, the development of effective GIS in Eritrea has enabled different sectors gain access to comprehensive and accurate sets of information that could be consulted during the process of implementing projects. It is through planning ahead and making the data obtained known to the implementers that a sound and lasting development could be realized.

It has been reported that Eritrea achieved much in putting in place infrastructures of different sorts and in the prevention and eradication of communicable diseases. So, making environmental assessment through the assistance of GIS saves time and makes the task very easy. Since it compiles sets of information in one package, GIS have been accelerating different development programs.

As a developing nation Eritrea needs to have efficient GIS and effective PR. If GIS become instrumental in analyzing and managing data, PR could play due role in promotion programs. One may say Eritrea has archived a lot in healthcare; however, the commendable achievement is mostly thorough pragmatic implementation of development programs and through fostering involvement of people in every healthcare related issue. Spotting areas that are known for the prevalence of malaria, for instance, helps to resettle the inhabitants of that respective area to a healthy environment.

GIS is not a new invention, but countries like Eritrea could get benefited of the advantages this advanced geographic information system provides. Volatile areas that are potential healthcare threats and natural disasters could be identified through GIS and prevention mechanisms could be drawn from the information obtained. The role of spotting such places and the date analyzed through GIS could help future forecasts. The volcanic eruption occurred in 2011 in the Southern Red Sea region of Eritrea is among the threats that badly impaired the environment. Hence, collecting and processing of date indeed helps to figure out the possible prevention mechanisms. Having a comprehensive idea about the role of PR in making the processed information public is also not to be viewed lightly.

The implementation of agricultural programs is also another area in which GIS could play a paramount importance. It has been reported that a number of dams and varied sized water reservoirs have been built in different parts of Eritrea. Unless, such projects are implemented with the assistance of such advanced geographic information system, they could only bring transient solution as they may result in unexpected consequence.

Eastern and Western escarpment of Eritrea are known for their wild and vegetation diversity. Reserving a national park where wild and vegetation life thrive in abundance is indeed one of the tasks in which environmentalists and the Ministry of Agriculture as well as the Ministry of Tourism and every individual could diligently work on. Identifying the exact locations and upgrading people’s knowledge about such an asset needs not to be delayed. GIS could definitely help in sporting the exact habitat of wildlife and vegetation. Making people aware of the benefits that could be gained from such intact environment is also the major task of PR.

As PR is selling of information in a subtle way and there by influencing people’s outlook about varied fields, it could make a difference to bringing a judicious preservation and use of national assets. So, identifying and mapping of better agricultural, industrial, and recreational areas as well as  settlements, national parks, coastal areas and others helps to learn more about national assets and they by to make necessary precautions based on the set of information obtained from GIS and also based on the efficient PR works.

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