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Managerial dimensions in the perspectives of Quantity and Quality Part II and Final

Organizations would be pleased with their good revenue earnings and their quantitative performances. Such satisfying atmosphere would only limit the growth of the organization. There is no expansion policy in the mind of the superiors with merely quantitative approach. These kinds of organizations are likely to have most of their staff of an average or even of rudimentary qualification.  Even if the organization would manage to hire some staff of high caliber they would fall short of exploiting them to a full extent.  Conscientiously an individual with a sound professional qualification and know-how would aspire to make use of his/her talent. If, however, the individual finds himself/herself lacking accesses for discretionary appropriate practices, he/she would ultimately leave the organization and look for other area where they could enhance their career development. 

Superiors with a qualitative mind enjoy the challenges of management, and have the wit to scan the marketing of the external organizations. They detest seeing a cluttered desk. They know and are confident on the art of delegation. They always dream on how to expand their organization. They offer career opportunity and thus the growth trend is substantial. Their organization is allotted a piece of column in the papers for their continuous vacancy announcement. The number of their staff grows steadily. They perfectly know their societal role to keep the environment clean, and abide by the prevailing law. They are always there in the market for talent hunting. Accordingly promising young scholars would dream to join such organization at the end of their scholastic years.

A superior of a qualitative mind would give priority to high leverage task rather than to low leverage task. One uses one’s brain for an endless research practice. In such kind of organizations new ideas and innovations are highly encouraged. Resultantly there is the emergence of a new product in the market. The idea of change is warmly embraced by the superiors of such organizations. A static mind can be attributed to the person with a quantity syndrome.  The society would not benefit from such kind of superiors who always play with numbers with no qualitative approach. The mind of the person with qualitative approach is always vibrant and keeps on progressing.

Inside the quantitative brain there is the fear of success. The infected brain will only be conditioned to limitations.  He/she will be glad to hear someone’s advices against the idea of expansionism. Why would you risk employing many employees and bear the brunt of paying salaries, meeting all of their entitlements, the hassle of paying huge taxes, etc. would a friend tell the already apprehensive superior. As long as you have the money, his/her friend would say, you need to enjoy and keep yourself healthy. Why would you need to plunge yourself into the tribulations of expansionism while his/her friend adds as a recommendation. It is said that people would favor to hear to statements that they would like to hear. Undoubtedly the superior would attentively listen to such advises and rather decidedly would even plan to shrink his/her business. A small business or a family business is what the likely quantitative minded person will aspire to have.

Organizations in particular and the society at large need company managers who are, commendably, of a qualitatively oriented mind. The superior with a qualitative mind always posses an ambitious fire to expand the organization. He or she has a leadership quality where mostly they support the quiet and plodder employee whose contribution to the growth of the organization is sensational. The steady growth of the organization will surely provide an employment opportunity for people of high competence. The essence of quality management and production will be a driving force for export marketing. Where the organizational behavior is quantity oriented the phenomenon of focusing on import marketing will prevail over the idea of exporting marketing. In reality there is lack of a quality mind to produce quality products and essentially the lack of competitiveness towards overseas export marketing. A well established company can be realized only by those executives who embrace the challenges of quality management

The corporate culture of the organization with qualitative approach basically portrays a well designed managerial, financial and marketing policy. It is run by an executive board who believe in the management of change. Their personnel administration if of high quality and the sustainability issue is confidently guaranteed.

In conclusion I would say that “For the Quantity oriented mind Quality is nowhere and for the Quality oriented mind Quantity is relative”

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