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“I shed tears of joy…”

Pleasure to have you; shall you introduce yourself first?

Ok my name is Musie G/Meskel.  I was born in a very small village called Adi Logo, my parents are humble farmers that’s were not stable enough financially but they still managed to send me to school by sacrificing everything they had. I used to travel from my home village to Debariwa every day to go to school from the 1st to 9th grade. Then I moved to the big city, Asmara, and I finished high school in the Red Sea High School. Next step I took was… Sawa, I joined the 23rd round and now am studying politics in the College of Arts and Social Sciences of Eritrea.

I can totally tell you were really interceded in your studies. Did you do throughout with high marks?


Always! It was the only way through which I could’ve paid back my parents for their hard work. I was always a prize winner. Especially when I got in to high school.

How was it?

The hardest time of my life so far.


Well, I had just moved to Asmara: I was living alone in total strange place. I had to earn my living: pay for the rent, food, electricity, water and pretty much everything else. There was a time in which I had nowhere to sleep so I slept at school without anyone knowing. When you have little food and no where to comfortably sleep at is really hard! But then the director of the extension school I was going to noticed something in me and he helped me with everything. He didn’t want my interest at school to go to waste because of financial problems, it was a great help… he is my soul father!

Did you tell your parents about all of the problems you went through?

No! I would never dare to. I used to call them very often and I would tell them I was super good! They had to put their heart at ease for me to study peacefully.

Do you have a house now?

Yeah. Right before the end of the senior high school year I met an amazing person, a life time brother. He is my best friend. When I told him everything he introduced me to his family and he told his parents about all the sacrifices I was making to go to school. They didn’t like the fact that I was living by myself so they insisted on me moving in with them, so at the end I even had a family that loved me as much as their own children. Me and my best friend we started working really hard and we finished high school with flying colors!!!  And then we went to Sawa.

Sawa is the legend of all the Eritrean youth. What about you? How was Sawa?

What you just said is so true! Sawa is the place of adventures: a life testing place. Obviously just like any other students I enjoyed every bit of Sawa so very much. I learned a lot and on top of that my friends and I made a lot of unforgettable memories. I even achieved really great marks in the national matriculations.

What happened next?

I went home straight from Sawa. I was really happy to see my parents. Felt like my long time problems were finally over… I shed tires of joy. During my stay at my home village I invited over the most important people of my life, meaning my best friend and his family and the director of my tutorial school. When everyone gathered… it was really beautiful!!!


It is amazing. Third year, I Am studying hard and I have everything under control: my G.P.A. is good. I love what I am studying, and my life is perfect so far.

What would you like to do after you finish your studies?

I have really big dreams that I wouldn’t dare to share with the public because I think it might come out roughly as I believe I do not own yet all the knowledge to base my plans on.

Well we wish you all the best and thanks for being here.

The pleasure!

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