Business is booming.

“I was eager to achieve greatness”

His name is Abdurahman Ibrahim, born in 1978 in Adi Kuala and he had a impressive of intelligence as a student. His hard work paid off and he is now a very influential person in the trading industry of our country.

-Hi, how are you? Thanks for being here.

I am fine, thanks.

-Shall we start from your studies?

Yeah sure. Honestly I was a good student ever since I was young. And growing up I was fond of school as I understood the achievements one can get from studying. After high school I graduated in business management and ever since 2000 I have been working at the National Ministry of Trading.

-What do you do there?

I travel a lot. In order to tell people of the possibilities of trading that our country offers. I also work in “the export marketing techniques and export planning section” of the ministry.

-Can you please tell us about the most exiting business trips you have had?

Yeah. In 2010 I went to China and we participated in the conference of Shanghai. There was also an exhibition presented by different countries representing their perspective life style, tradition and culture. Our exhibition was the best… honestly. We had a presentation of our life style as we tried to explain the real meaning behind the philosophy of urban development in Eritrea. Our motto of the presentation was “better city for a better life”. It was really exiting!

-What else captivated your attention aside this trip?

Well, two years after I also visited South Korea. There was another exhibition in which Eritrea’s proud culture was highlighted beautifully. What I like the most about these trips though it is the face that I get to meet a lot of people with whom I can exchange ideas and deepen my knowledge. And I was amazed by the young people, mostly college students, organization of China and Korea. They were doing voluntary works of all kinds in order to help people in the pavilion.

-Did their organization remind you of the Eritrean N.U.E.Y.S.?

Yes. Pretty much but the N.U.E.Y. S. compared to the other national organizations is less equipped. But the strong spirit of unity it is there.

-You are 35 years old right? It is such a young age to achieve this much. How does it make you feel? is true that my responsibility is big compared to my age. That is why I’m always working hard to improve my skills from day to day.

-Can I ask you something personal?

Please do.

-Tell us something about your family?

I am a happily married man and I have two kids. I got married when I was 27, most people say I rushed into the whole marriage thing but in reality I am very happy with my decision and I would do it 10 times over.

-Well it was a real pleasure having you. We wish you and your family all the best.


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