Business is booming.

“It has always been a fantasy of mine to upgrade our cultural designs in to an international level”

Many have tried to convince her in putting some limitations to her desires and visions. But she never allowed any of those words any close to her mind. As she her self states it has always been a dear dream of hers to upgrade our cultural outfits to an international level satisfying the taste of the actual world wide fashion admirers.

-Well come. Please tell us about you.

My name is Farida Dingell. I was born in Keren but I’ve traveled a lot as a child, from town to town. Because of the brutality of Ethiopian colonizers people suffered a lot in fact we never had a stable life. My family was always in search of a safe place to be at the end we fled the country and went to Sudan. We lived there and when I grew up I moved out of my house and started a new chapter of my private life in Kuwait while the rest of my family went to America.

How was the “new chapter” of your life that you began in Kuwait?

Honestly it was not that pleasant I had two babies sooner that I expected so I had to raise them. I was working really hard so I never got a chance to be as active as I could have in fashion. After that I moved to the U.S.A and I studied cosmetology and then I moved to London looking for some adventure, I loved being in London. Every thing went beyond my expectations it was actually then where I started having faith in fashion.

What happened next?

Next… uhm, I went back to Kuwait gathered up my family and settled in Abu Dhabi and I run a small design house and a beauty salon.

-When did this fashion fantasy start to catch your attention?

Well, I can’t remember an exact time but hand crafts are really famous in our culture and children take it from our mothers as they too took it from their mothers. So in few words I grew up with it, but in eighth grade I started to be passionate about the international fashion vibe. I just loved it so much!

-You have been exposing many fashion shows in many counties as well as in Eritrea, how was the out come?

Many might think that in our country there is no interest in fashion, but there is! I know it because I have been having a lot of great out comes from what I present nationally.

-Do you mind telling us who are you favorite designers?

I love Valentino, Gucci, Massimo and Channel.

-What is the most valuable secret behind valuable fashion productions?

Passion. That’s it! I mean fashion is a wide section of art if you do it with passion, interest and love you top them all… that’s what I think.

-Do ideas come to you naturally or you do hard studies before bringing up a new design?

Both. Some times some ideas just flash in your mind and sometimes you get inspired from many things and sometimes you do some tough studies and investigations and you come up with new and revolutionary designs. But either way it is not an easy task as it may seem to be.

-Tell us about your dream.

My dream… I had it ever since I was young. I would picture our cultural dresses worn on the red carpets of many international events. It requires a lot of effort to do so. In fact I have been working on it with a great interest, it would be a life time dream come true if one day I could reach my goal.

-Well dear Farida we wish you all of the best, and we hope to witness our cultural beauty brought up in to a global level. We wish success, thanks for being here.

Thanks for having me.

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